Best Critical Listening Headphones

Best Critical Listening Headphones

Headphones are a very important and useful part of our lives. Not only that they can be used for listening to our favorite songs but also they are very important for work purposes as well. They provide a wide range of uses for people depending on their needs.

When you go to the market you come across a vast variety of headphones with their unique features. But not all of these headphones provide you with the options and specific features that you are looking are and not every headphone will suit your budget.

Many people purchase headphones that do not fulfill their needs and they end up wasting their money. To avoid this you must make sure that you are doing your work by spending time exploring the market and the best options available. However, if you are too busy for that there is another convenient way through which you will be able to choose the perfect headphone set for yourself

Therefore the best thing to do so go through this article which will help you choose the best quality headphone for yourself.

Best critical listening headphones 2022

Following is a list of the best critical listening headphones in 2022:

1. Sennheiser HD 800 S

Best Headphones For Critical Listening

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If you’re in search of a headphone set that comes in an artistic design then your choice should be the Sennheiser HD headphone set. Not only that these headphones will make it more fun for you to listening to tie favorite music but also they are easily chargeable and come with the largest drivers.

Therefore it is highly recommended for the user to invest their money in getting these headphones. It will surely not disappoint you. You will benefit a lot from their high quality performance.

Its button control provides you full control over the volume and the play and pauses feature of the headphone.


  • It comes in a stylish design.
  • These headphones come with the largest drivers.
  • It provides crystal clear sound quality.


  • These headphones are expensive.

2. Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250

Best Critical Listening Wireless Headphones

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If you are looking for durability then getting this headphone is an ideal choice for you. They are very durable and ensure high quality performance. You will enjoy using them, especially for your audio calls as well as listening to your favorite music.

Another great thing about these headphones is that they are very lightweight. You can easily carry them around in your backpack while you are traveling or going to work. If you are associated with some professional work then you should defiantly buy these headphones as they are ideal for professional use.

These headphones provide high quality studio performance and are a very attractive choice for youngsters.


  • It is highly durable.
  • The headphone set is super lightweight.
  • They provide high quality performance.


  • They do not have the long battery life.
  • It takes a lot of time to charge.

3. Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Best Closed Back Headphones For Critical Listening

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One of the most popular headphones that are currently available in the market is the Audio Technica headphone. These headphones provide a number of features including ear pads, a good battery, high quality microphone, etc. This is what makes these headphones super versatile and ideal to use.

If you need headphones for your business meeting or work then you should get your hands on these as they are highly durable and their performance is super reliable in the long run.

These headphones also fit the user easily and comfortably. They keep the ears safe with the ear pads. There is one drawback associated with using these headphones and that is they don’t provide the best button control feature which makes it inconvenient to control the audio.


  • It provides high quality performance.
  • These headphones come with a good battery life.
  • They have high quality microphones.


  • These headphones do not come with the best button control.

4. Sennheiser HD 599

Best Headphone For Critical Listening Under 200

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If you are looking for the most high quality headphones that provide high definition crystal clear audio then your choice should be the Sennheiser HD 599 headphones. These headphones are widely used by entrepreneurs because of their amazing features.

Another reason why you should prefer getting these headphones is that they are highly affordable as compared to other headphones in the market. These headphones also offer their use two years of warranty. They also come with a USB charger that charges the headphones within minutes.

It is ideal if you like listening to music at full volume. The headphone comes with the best ear protection pads that will keep your ears safe from any sort of audio based damage. Therefore you must get your hands on these headphones.


  • It comes two years warranty.
  • This headphone set comes with the best ear pads.
  • It provides the best audio performance.


  • The battery life isn’t long lasting.

5. Philips SHP9500S

Best Critical Listening Headphone 2021

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When it comes to getting the most affordable headphones available in the market you should defiantly put your hands on the Phillips SHP9500. Along with the affordability, you will also get to enjoy a number of u inquest features while using these headphones.

These headphones make it more fun for the user to listen to their favorite songs when they are working out. It provides crystal clear sound quality that is also another reason why people prefer getting these headphones.

If you want the best button control you must go for the Philips SHP9500. It becomes a lot more convenient to have full control over your audio system as well as the volume. You can control all these features with a click of a button.

Final words

When it comes to choosing the best critical listening headphones you must make sure that you do your research properly before you go spending money on a product. Make sure that the product you are choosing fits your requirements perfectly and suits your budget as well. To make things easier for you, you should go through this article to make the best choice for yourself.