Best Keyboards For Ipad Air

Typing on a smooth touchscreen can be a very fun experience but there’s nothing wrong with getting a keyboard to type on if you are used to working while using the keyboard to type. But it is always hard to choose the best keyboard for yourself when there are so many options available in the market.

This article is a must read if you want to save your time and also want to purchase the best keyboards for Ipad Air.

Important features to look for while buying a keyboard for iPad Air

When looking for a premium keyboard for iPad Air it is the best choice to do thorough research before spending any money. Most people prefer buying a Bluetooth keyboard when it comes to using it with iPad Air or Apple devices. It provides stable connections.

It is also important to consider that the keyboard should make it easy for the user to type so they will do their work properly. The keycaps should be smooth and not rigid enough to make it hard to type.

RGB backlighting is another crucial feature to never ignore on a keyboard. It provides greater ease to do work because you will be able to type with greater viability. So if you have to work at night or if you are sitting in a low lit room then a perfectly backlit keyboard will make typing a very fun experience for you.

Best Keyboards For Ipad Air

Best keyboards for iPad Air 2022

Following is a list of the best keyboards for iPad Air 2022:

  1. Apple Magic keyboard

Apple Magic keyboard

The most compatible and widely used keyboard for iPad Air is the Apple Magic keyboard. It is an ideal choice to be used with the Apple iPad. The newer version of iPad Air is also compatible with the Magic keyboard and there aren’t any functional differences.

Firstly this keyboard is very easy to use and comes with long lasting battery life. The packaging that this keyboard comes in is also very nice and presentable. However, since it is an expensive keyboard many people do not prefer buying it because it doesn’t suit their budget.

If you are someone who wants to enjoy the best and the smooth typing experience then you should clearly get your hands on the Apple Magic keyboard. It provides uninterrupted typing. The user hardly requires any correction or faced typing errors. Although it is important to keep in mind that it is a full sized keyboard you will need extra space if you have to place more devices on the desk.

It gets charged through the USB type C charging port and also comes with free USB accessories. There is no need to upgrade your keyboard once you purchase the Apple Magic keyboard. Most users have found this keyboard to be heavier compared to other keyboards and it’s not easy to carry it around. You won’t be able to carry your iPad and the Magic keyboard in the same bag especially when you are traveling.

The user won’t face any issue while typing since the heavy hinge will keep the keyboard in its place. Most users have seen a gradual improvement in their typing speed after using the Magic keyboard. They were able to type faster and finish their work more effectively. A smooth typing experience requires the user to use fingers with less force which leads to lesser pressure on the hands. Therefore if you have a sufficient budget then you should buy the Apple Magic keyboard.


  • This keyboard provides a smooth typing experience that also boosts the typing speed of the user
  • It provides a long battery life so that you can do your work or gaming with ease
  • It provides a firm grip and stability while you are working


  • It is very expensive and not ideal for those users who have a limited budget
  1. Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard

A very durable keyboard for iPad Air is the Apple Smart Keyboard. It provides a great degree of protection due to its strong build which makes it a great choice for long term usage. It doesn’t leave any fingerprints and is also very easy to clean for the user so that it always looks brand new. It is compatible with all models of iPad.

It provides a very comfortable typing experience. Whether you are on your couch or sitting on the bed you will be able to type fast easily. The laptop is very stable and doesn’t move from its position when you are typing fast on it.

However, people with large hands have faced difficulty typing on this keyboard as they consider it small. It is because this isn’t a full sized keyboard. Typing feels pretty natural on this keyboard because of the bouncy keys which do not require a hard press. The battery life is asking pretty amazing as Apple has never disappointed its users.

The keyboard has a tank like built and sits perfectly stable on your lap when you are working. Its floating design allows you to keep the screen and the keyboard closer to each other. Therefore you must get your hands on the Apple Smart Keyboard because it provides a very reliable performance but is expensive.


  • This keyboard provides the best wrist rest and you will hardly feel any fatigue while working
  • Typing is a very comfortable experience on the Apple Smart Keyboard and the keys are very smooth to press


  • The Apple Smart Keyboard is very expensive and not suitable for users with a limited budget
  1. Keychron K3

Keychron K3

The Keychron K3 Keyboard is a very popular choice among users as it is 75% compact and lightweight so that you can easily carry it around. It is highly compatible with both Mac and Windows devices and provides the option to switch between different modes of operating systems. It comes with full RGB backlighting that is available in different colors and makes it easier for the user to do their work during the nighttime.

It provides an excellent typing experience because it is highly tactile, responsive, and provides great precision. It provides Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and ensures reliable connections which allow the user to connect this keyboard with multiple devices with ease.

Since this keyboard is designed to be used with Apple devices like the iPad Air and includes commands suitable for working on iPad Air.

Because of its remarkable performance and outstanding features this keyboard is widely used for gaming purposes. It doesn’t offer much regarding the ergonomics but you won’t get tired of playing your favorite game because of its low profile design.

It is very easy to carry around and comes in a strong build so that you don’t have to worry about causing any damage to your keyboard. You can connect this keyboard to three devices at a time.

Therefore if you want to enjoy a comfortable working experience then you should buy this Keychron K3 Keyboard.


  • It comes in excellent build quality and typing quality
  • This keyboard is very compact in design and lightweight which is why it is easier to work on it and carry it around
  • The user will get full RGB lighting naming it easier to work with clarity


  • This keyboard doesn’t provide a wrist rest which can make it hard to work long hours
  • It doesn’t support all the functions of the iPad Air
  1. Logitech Combo Touch

Logitech Combo Touch

In the manager where so many options are available Logitech combo Touch has stood out as a strong competitor providing all the necessary features that collectively ensure excellent performance. The keyboard is converted into a tweed like material and has magnets that trigger the iPad Air to turn on and off. The keys are made up of plastic and have well defined boundaries to separate them.

Since the keys have separation it becomes very easy to type and do your work as compared to using other keyboards because most of them do not have enough space between the keys. This is what makes the Logitech keyboard resemble a high quality computer keyboard. The size of the keyboard is smaller than the standard keyboard but it’s still very easy to type on it. It fits perfectly with the small sized iPad Air providing enough space for other products on the table.

It has many additional keys that are very useful and provide great functions. The home key functions the same as a home button and there is no need to touch the iPad to turn it on. Through the search key, you will have access to the iPad global search box. There are buttons for controlling the brightness level as well. The command keys are similar to those on a standard keyboard. Through the command key, the user will be able to access shortcut commands like the Command-V to paste.

One of the most stunning features of this keyboard is that it comes with a touchpad so that you don’t have to reach up to the screen to access it. The touchpad provides a similar function as that of the iPad’s touchscreen. The touchpad also supports features and enhances the performance of a keyboard. You can easily scroll up and down by using two fingers. This also makes browsing very convenient.

The keyboard connects instantaneously with the iPad because of the magnetic connection. It is a very versatile keyboard and it is highly recommended to purchase it.


  • It comes in the most perfect build case providing extra protection to the keyboard as well as the iPad from all four sides
  • It comes with fully backlit keys making it a lot more convenient to do work or gaming
  • It is among the few easy to use and versatile keyboards with a touchpad


  • The case adds extra weight to the iPad which can make it hard to carry it around
  1. Brydge 7.9

Brydge 7.9

Another high quality keyboard for iPad Air is the Brydge 7.9. It is one of those keyboards that are a must buy for users who use iPad Air the most for all types of work. It provides a very expensive feel and comes in a strong build design. It stands out because of its plastic-free design. The rubber pads and the hinge clips provide the perfect grip to the user and increased stability so that the keyboard doesn’t move when you are typing fast.

The connections are very reliable and work well with Bluetooth connectivity. The backlighting is perfect and well built on this keyboard. It also provides long battery life. It comes in a build battery that lasts up to one year on a single charge. It is charged through the Micro USB cable.

It doesn’t provide a trackpad. It comes in silver, space grey, and white color so that you can easily match your keyboard with the iPad Air. It is a larger keyboard which is preferred by most users because you can easily type even if you have large hands.

This keyboard provides three different backlight settings and you can easily adjust the brightness level depending on your requirement. Its high quality construction is another reason why most users have greatly enjoyed using the Beydge keyboard. It’s a slim and durable design and weighs only 11 ounces.


  • This keyboard comes with long lasting battery life on a single charge
  • The backlight comes with different settings so that it can be adjusted according to one’s preferences
  • The rubber pads and hinge grip provides perfect grip to the user


  • Some users have experienced greater pressure at the point where the hinge was attached to the screen

Final words

With thousands of options available in the market, it is always a hectic job to choose best keyboards for iPad Air. The users who have read this article before purchasing a device were able to find the most perfect keyboard for their needs. Many people have immensely benefited from it and it will greatly help you too.