Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 50

Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 50: If you are a regular gamer then you will greatly benefit from getting a professional mechanical keyboard because not only that it will help you play your games with ease but also you will see a drastic improvement in your gaming performance with these amazing devices. All the gaming mechanical keyboards that are mentioned in this article are very affordable and easily available for the majority of users.

Important things to consider when buying a mechanical keyboard

There is a certain important feature that you must look for while buying a mechanical keyboard under 50. This will help you purchase the best keyboard for yourself.


The first hung that you must look for in the keyboards should be the size of the keyboard. Its size also depends on the space available at your desk. If you do not have a lot of space available at your desk then you should choose a small sized keyboard that also provides a reliable gaming performance. However, a full sized keyboard provides more options and is usually ordered for gaming purposes.

Most of the tenkeyless mechanical keyboards range in size between 40% to 80%. The ideal size of the mechanical keyboard is 60%. You should always choose the keyboards that are more compact because the more compact the keyboard the more functions it  will provide results in high-quality gaming performance.

The 40% keyboard size is very small. These keyboards are also pocket size and come with fewer arrow keys and functioning buttons compared to a full-size keyboard

Comfortable performance

Another thing to look for is comfort while using the keyboard. If it is not comfortable for you to type on the keyboard then it will be hard for you to use it in the long run. This will also affect your gaming performance. You must make sure that the keyboard you are getting comes with wrist rest and support so that you don’t get tired after playing one online match with your friends.


It is important to do sufficient research before purchasing a mechanical keyboard for gaming purposes. Not only that you will end up buying the best quality keyboard for yourself but also most likely you will buy a very affordable device. Therefore the best thing to do is find a mechanical keyboard that suits your budget. It is never a wise decision to step out of your budget for buying a mechanical gaming keyboard unless you are a professional gamer.

Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 50

Best mechanical keyboards under 50 in 2022

Following is a list of the best mechanical keyboards under 50 in 2022:

  1. Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard

Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard

One of the most attractive choices among mechanical keyboards is the Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard. This stylish keyboard comes with the best backlighting that improves your gaming performance even during the nighttime. It becomes a lot easier for the user to see the keys in the dark because of the vibrant RGB lighting. The colors are amazing on this keyboard and it makes it more fun to do your work or play games online.

Typing becomes a lot easier on this keypad because of its high keys. For using RGB lighting no software is required which is why many people have greatly enjoyed using this keyboard for gaming. It also becomes easy to clean the keys and no dust gets stuck between the keys. It makes the keyboard look brand new all the time.

However, the wrist rest does require improvement and it feels cheap as well. It is made up of plastic material with a rubber grip on the top. It would be a lot better if the wrist rest gets upgraded in the newer model to provide a more comfortable feeling to the users.

The keyboard is loud and the clicking noise sometimes gets unbearable and annoying for the user. If this one feature gets under control it will become a lot more fun to do work using this professional mechanical keyboard. However, the issue can be solved if you wear headphones while playing games or working.


  • The RGB lighting on this mechanical keyboard is amazing and the colors are excellent
  • No software update is required to access the RGB lighting which saves the user from that hassle
  • It is very affordable and provides high quality performance on a budget


  • The wrist rest needs to make more comfortable for the user
  • The clicking noise is too loud and gets annoying
  1. Redragon S101

Redragon S101

Another high-quality gaming keyboard is the Redragon S101 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This is one of the best keyboards that is used by the majority of professional gamers. It comes with seven different RGB lighting modes and four different brightness levels which can easily be adjusted depending on your requirement.

It comes in the perfect ergonomic design which makes it an ideal choice for typing work as you will be able to finish your work at the same time providing high-quality results. This will also help boost your work performance which will greatly help you in the long run and provide great satisfaction.

It is also waterproof and can easily withstand liquid spills. It comes with 10 multimedia keys, 12 FN multimedia keys. The size of this keyboard is perfect and it doesn’t occupy much space on the desk which is what allows you to please other accessories required for gaming purposes easily. The software comes in the package.

This  software works fine with the keyboard and the mouse as well and doesn’t cause any issues. You will be able to enjoy using it on almost all computers but it works the best with windows 10.

If you are someone who is building a new gaming system and wants to spend an average amount of money then you should buy this high quality gaming mechanical keyboard as it provides a refreshing gaming experience on a budget.


  • The RGB lighting is excellent and provides an attractive look to the keyboard
  • It provides smooth gaming performance to the user at an affordable price
  • There is no type of clicking sound produced by this keyboard which is why it is widely used for office work as well


  • The software is only highly compatible with Windows 10 version
  1. Bluefinger CM200

Bluefinger CM200

If you are looking for a wired gaming keyboard then you must choose the Bluefinger CM200. It is highly durable and comes in a fashionable design attractive to thousands of users towards buying this mechanical keyboard. The backlit keyboard comes in LED lights in red, blue, and purple colors. You can easily switch between different backlit lights by pressing the FN, PB, PS, SL keys. The lighting catches the user’s attention followed by the fading effects.

All you have to do is plug in the USB cord for using this keyboard. When you start your PC the keyboard recommenders will ask you to choose the backlight color of your choice. This is a very cool feature that is rare to find in most mechanical gaming keyboards. Most of the users prefer the orange color on this keyboard.

The keyboard rotates through different colors and the colors fade in and out providing a very aesthetic look to the keyboard. If you are a professional gamer then you should consider buying this high quality mechanical keyboard.

Because of the variety of colors, people greatly enjoy playing their favorite game using this keyboard. For example, if you like playing Warcraft then this keyboard will add more joy to your gaming performance. It also comes in a strong build and provides an expensive look to the user.

The keys are very sensitive. The best part about this keyboard is that the user doesn’t require any software installations. It pretty much works on all the Windows and Mac OS devices. This compatibility makes it a very ideal choice for long term use.


  • It is among the few mechanical keyboards that provide a great variety of colors with the fading effect
  • It provides smooth performance and comes in a strong build
  • Its design fulfills all the aesthetic requirements of the gamers.


  • The customer service is poor and many users are disappointed because of it
  1. Redragon K552-R Kumara

Redragon K552-R Kumara

If you are in search of a gaming keyboard that will benefit you for a long term purposes then your choice should be the Redragon K552-R Kumara Mechanical Keyboard. It is an ideal choice among gamers because of its great durability and responsiveness. But the typing  experience is worth it on the keyboard which is also associated with professional gaming performance because of the tactile feedback and clear clicking sound.

It provides LED rainbow backlights consisting of six different colors and different brightness levels to choose from. It also provides eight different gaming modes which can easily be switched. The ergonomic design is breathtaking and well-built on this keyboard which makes it more fun to use this keyboard for both gaming and work purposes as it is very responsive and ensures quick performance. This is the most perfect mechanical keyboard for both work and home usage.

It comes in a strong metal build with rubber sides. The solid metal frame provides greater protection to the keyboard against any damage. The Redragon keyboard also doesn’t require any software for using it. It is compatible with most Windows computers and provides smooth performance without any installation issues.

However, each row has a fixed color and you cannot change the colors in each row. This gives the user limited control over the RGB lighting. For example, the blue row can only be made blue it cannot be made red. The cable isn’t detachable and it is not braided which can easily damage it.

Users have also experienced random errors using this keyboard. This can lead to lag during gaming or glitch. Sometimes when you press on the F key it opens a random folder on the computer which can be annoying when you are in the middle of an online tournament.


  • It comes in a solid metal build which increases the durability of this keyboard making it an ideal choice for both work and gaming
  • There is no clicking noise produced by the Redragon keyboard


  • The colors cannot be changed on the keyboard
  1. Cooler Master Devastator 3

Cooler Master Devastator 3

One of the most unique gaming keyboards to exist is the Cooler Master Devastator 3 Mechanical keyboard. The user hardly experienced any issues with the performance of this keyboard which is what makes it a reliable choice.

The user gets to choose between seven different color options and the color in each row can also be adjusted. It requires a USB cable to use this keyboard. The CTRL on the left side of the keyboard is a bit too tight which makes it hard to press on it. Grover after pressing on it repeatedly it does loosen a bit.

When you turn on your computer the LED colors on this keyboard do not stay the same and they also change or reset. You will have to adjust the lighting every time you reboot the computer. The DPI sensitivity can also not be adjusted as there is no specific software available for it on this keyboard.

This keyboard is not waterproof so you’ll have to avoid it eating snacks while playing games. A slight liquid spill can pretty much cause huge damage to this keyboard. It is highly suggested to use this keyboard for temporary purposes if you are a newbie and want a mechanical keyboard on a budget.


  • It provides an RGB light adjustable option that comes in seven different colors


  • Many users are not satisfied with its performance and it lacks the software to control certain features like DPI sensitivity

Final words

If you want to save your time and buy the best mechanical keyboards under 50 then you should definitely give this article a read and you will end up buying the most suitable mechanical keyboard for yourself.