Best Monitors For Gaming Under 300

Best Monitors For Gaming Under 300: Using a gaming monitor can be a very difficult task when there are so many options available in the market and each gaming monitor comes with its unique features claiming to be the best option available.

This can often persuade a person into buying a type of monitor that is not suitable for them with their requirements. To avoid all this it is highly recommended to read this article before you make any type of decision on buying a gaming monitor. Most likely you will end up buying the most professional gaming monitor for yourself that also suits your budget perfectly.

Best Monitors For Gaming Under 300

Best monitors for gaming under 300 in 2022

Following is a list of the best monitors for gaming under 300 in 2022:

  1. Acer Nitro VG271

Acer Nitro VG271

One of the most high quality monitors for gaming under 300 is the Acer Nitro VG271 gaming monitor. It is one of the most popular budget friendly monitors that is used by professional gamers as well. You will hardly face any issues when you are using this monitor.

It also looks very attractive and comes in a frameless design which is very unique. It also works as a powerful stand providing great stability when you place this monitor on a desk. It comes with a 27 inches IPS panel that provides a 1080p resolution.

The picture quality is amazing because of the higher refresh rate of 144 Hz. This is an ideal future when it comes to buying a gaming monitor on a budget because not many budget friendly gaming monitors and provide a higher refresh rate as that of the Acer Nitro VG271.

If you are someone who likes to play games on a monitor that provides a very bright and colorful image then you should buy this monitor because it will fulfill all your requirements. It comes with 99% SRGB color space which is rare to find an affordable monitor. This color space is more than sufficient for gaming purposes because you won’t require a wide color gamut unless you have to do gaming tournaments or extremely professional online gaming.

Therefore it is highly recommended to get your hands on the Acer nitro monitor because it provides the best viewing angles along with a higher refresh rate.


  • The monitor comes with an IPS panel that leads to the best viewing angles
  • The screen is very bright and you can also adjust the screen brightness according to your requirement but most users prefer a bright screen for gaming purposes


  • Some users have found this monitor to be expensive because its price is very close to high and monitors which include 1440P resolution
  1. Dell D2719HGF

Dell D2719HGF

Another highly popular and reliable gaming monitor is the Dell D2719HGF. Dell is known for providing premium quality gaming devices and monitors that are sold worldwide for their great performance and reliability. These are one of the best monitors present in a market at a very affordable price so that everyone can easily have access to them without worrying about money.

The best deal monitors for gaming purposes are there two lineups which include the UltraSharp lineup and Alienware lineup. This monitor doesn’t come with bezels on all sides. The stand is also of decent quality but it cannot be adjusted in height. This means that the user might face issues with adjusting the monitor to their eye level which can get to eat annoying.

This is a 27 inch monitor that comes with a refresh rate of 144 Hz which is very impressive for a budget friendly monitor. It comes with a TN panel which has disappointed many users as multiple color shifts can get worse if you use the monitor every single day for long hours. The contrast levels are fine but the color accuracy is effective on the monitor.

All these problems make people avoid buying the Dell monitor for gaming purposes but because of the high refresh rate, they will be able to enjoy a very smooth gaming experience without any distortion or errors. Therefore if you want to enjoy playing games with a 144 Hz display and do not want to spend a lot of money then you should consider buying Dell D2719HGF.


  • If you do not like bezels on your monitor then you should buy this monitor because it comes in a bezel less design
  • It provides the most perfect refresh rate of 144 Hz providing a smooth gaming experience


  • The built in speakers are of very poor quality so you should never use this monitor for watching movies or entertainment purposes
  • The color accuracy is horrible and there is a lot of color shift on this monitor
  1. Acer G257HU

Acer G257HU

Most of the gamers prefer using a monitor that comes with a high resolution like the 4K resolution or QHD resolution. But most of the monitors that provide such type of resolution are very expensive and not everyone is capable of supporting them for cleaning purposes. But if you want to enjoy for 4k solution at an affordable price then your choice should be the Acer G257HU.

It comes with a 25 inches IPS panel screen with a 1440p resolution providing a super clear and sharp display. The user can easily adjust the resolution of the screen from 1080p to 1440p. The performance of this monitor is quite different from other gaming monitors and also provides a very modern look fulfilling the aesthetic requirements of the user.

It doesn’t lag or cause any other problem even if you are playing heavy games that require the installation of different software. It doesn’t provide color gamut space so it is not a great choice for work related to videos or images. Therefore if you are a casual gamer then you should prefer buying this monitor.


  • This monitor comes with WQHD resolution that provides crystal clear and crisp visuals on the screen which makes this monitor a great choice for gaming purposes
  • The stand is made up of durable material and it doesn’t break which makes it a great reliable choice for the users


  • It comes with a 60 Hz refresh rate which is very low compared to an average gaming monitor
  1. ViewSonic Elite XG240R

ViewSonic Elite XG240R

Another reliable and widely used gaming monitor is the ViewSonic Elite XG240R monitor. This monitor is widely used for any esports games and work related to graphic design as well. This is why it is a very competitive choice in the market. However, the design of this monitor is not preferred by most of the users as it looks very outdated and provides a design with thick bezels. It comes with RGB lighting in an arrow shape that can easily be customized according to one’s preference.

It comes with a 24 inch is the end panel but the different part is that the TN panel of this monitor is well built from other monitors that come with TN panel because of the slight color shift. It also provides the best color accuracy and contrast ratio. The reason why people have greatly enjoyed playing FPS games using this monitor is that it comes with the best black stabilization. This enhances the visuals and provides a brilliant display.

It comes with 100% SRGB color space support but it is not useful for critical work. However, the panel on this monitor is more vibrant and provides a better quality display compared to other monitors which are why it is highly recommended by the ViewSonic Elite XG240R.


  • Most of the features provided by the view sonic monitor are ideal for professional gaming purposes
  • This is the only monitor that provides the best TN panel type which is hard to find other gaming monitors 


  • Most users have complained about the absence of an 8-bit panel in this monitor

Important features to look for while buying a gaming monitor

Before you purchase a high-quality gaming monitor it is very important to make sure that it comes with the following features so that you get nothing less than premium quality performance


Monitors available in different sizes. The most professional gaming monitors are available in the following sizes between 24 inches and 27 inches. This is because most people prefer doing gaming on large computer screens. However, some monitors have a larger display than that but they are expensive too.

PPI and resolution

PPI stands for pixels by inch which indicates the density of pixels providing a high-quality display to the users. If the pixels are low in quantity then the image on the screen will not be clear and it will mostly be distorted which is why it is very important to buy a monitor that comes with high pixel density and screen resolution. The higher the resolution is of the monitor the sharper the display will be and it will be a lot more fun for the user to do their gaming.

Panel type

It is very important to make sure that your monitor comes with the best panel type so that it will provide you the perfect quality display making it more fun to do gaming. There are three panel types which includes the VA panel, TN panel, and IPS panel.

TN panel is ideal if you want to enjoy perfect picture quality because it comes with a higher refresh rate and is also very affordable. But you should keep in mind that if you get a monitor with a TN panel then it will provide the worst viewing angle so you will have to sit at a particular place if you want to enjoy playing the game on such type of monitor. The VA panel provides decent viewing angles and decent response time. But the picture quality is not as impressive as compared to that of the TN panel monitor.

Refresh rate

When you are selecting a gaming monitor you must not get over the refresh rate because it is one of the most important components ensuring a crystal clear display. You should always choose a monitor that comes with a higher refresh rate. The minimum refresh rate that you should look for is 75 Hz. Most of the high-quality budget friendly gaming monitors come with a refresh rate between 75 Hz to 144 Hz.

Color space support

The color space support means the total ability of the panel to display colors on the screen. It comes with different percentages which include the higher, and the better. The acronyms used are SRGB & DCIP3.

Most of the monitors do not come with color space support which is why it is very hard to look for a budget friendly gaming monitor providing this feature. If you want a monitor that comes with 100% RGB color space then it will be very expensive and you will have to step out of your budget.

Response time

The response time refers to the ability of the monitor to display the pixels on the screen perfectly without any distortion. The response time is a very crucial component in ensuring the increased quality of the display because the faster the response time the clearer the display will be on the screen which will make it a lot more entertaining for you to do your gaming. If you have to do professional gaming then you should never compromise on buying a new monitor especially when it comes to checking the response time.

VRR Technology

VRR stands for variable refresh rate which reduces screen tearing and provides a perfect quality display without any distortion. This technology is used in almost every monitor for preventing tearing.

Final words

If you want to purchase the most reliable and professional gaming monitor for your gaming requirement then you should read this article before spending any money. with the help of this article you will end up buying the most trustworthy gaming monitor that will fulfill all your gaming demands easily. A lot of users have benefited a lot from it and you will as well.