Best Monitors For Reading

If you are a student who has to read important documents from their computer or your job requires you to read documents all the time then you need to buy a reliable and professional monitor that will provide you with high quality performance so that you can do your work easily.

If you want to save your time and have access to the best quality monitors for reading then it is highly advised to read this article before spending your money so that you end up buying the most compatible monitor that will fulfill your requirements perfectly.

Why should you buy the best monitor for reading?

Many people are not aware of the benefits that a high quality monitors provide in terms of work and other purposes so that they can do their work easily. Following are some of the main benefits of buying a high-quality monitor that will make it easy for you to read documents and you will be proud of yourself for this investment.

Blue light filter

One of the main reasons why you should pay for buying a monitor for reading is that it comes with a blue light filter so that you won’t experience any eye strain or eye fatigue. This helps reduce problems that cause damage to the eyes so that you can do your job properly.

Ergonomic design

Another important reason is the ergonomic design of a professional quality monitor for reading that also comes with an adjustable stand so that you can position the monitor to a level that makes it comfortable for you to do your work. This means that you don’t have to spend your time extending your neck or sitting at a particular position to view the screen properly which can get uncomfortable. Therefore by getting a good monitor for reading you will be able to do your work and read documents comfortably.

Improved productivity

When you buy a premium quality monitor that makes it easier for you to do your work at the same time you will see a great improvement in your productivity. Not only that you will be more interested in doing your work but also it will make you feel more confident about your job as you will be able to deliver high quality work in less time.

Best image quality

You should choose our best quality monitor because it comes with the most premium color accuracy and image quality making it easier for you to read documents from the screen without causing any pressure on the eyes. It will make it easier for you to read the document with the detail without zooming in.


The best part about getting a high quality monitor for reading documents is that they come with large size screens they provide a wider display than most of the monitor so that you can easily open up multiple documents at a time and do multitasking with great comfort using the best tools that will help you do your work professionally.

Best Monitors For Reading

Best monitors for reading 2022

Following is a list of the best monitors for reading 2022:

  1. BenQ GW2480

BenQ GW2480

The most suitable and widely used monitor for reading is the BenQ GW2480 Monitor. It is a very stylish monitor that provides all the necessary features required for the unit to do its work without any trouble. Fortunately, the display quality is amazing and you will be stunned by it because of that advanced color technology and the best viewing angles which can be easily adjusted by the user.

Because of the large screen size and a lot of screen space, it becomes a lot easier to do multitasking which helps to use it to finish the work in much lesser time. This monitor comes in a steel build which provides a strong and expensive look to it which is why most people are attracted to buying it because it looks like a trustworthy device that won’t cause any performance issues.

It also provides high-quality built-in speakers that make it a lot more fun to watch your favorite movies on this monitor as well but these are not as good as professional external speakers or a high-quality pair of headphones.

Most users do not like the brightness on this monitor as it is very low and the screen resolution is also not impressive which can lead to poor quality display at times especially when you have to do your work during the nighttime. Overall it is a decent quality monitor obviously it is not the best one but if you have a limited budget then you will surely get a decent quality performance from it.


  • It provides the best eye care and protection against eyestrain so that you will be able to read the document without any difficulty
  • It provides decent quality performance at a very affordable price so that most people can easily purchase it
  • The overall design of this monitor is very attractive and consist of a fully metal design providing an expensive look to it


  • The brightness cannot be controlled and it is very low compared to other monitors which have disappointing many users because it becomes hard to read the documents during the nighttime
  • This monitor doesn’t provide 4K resolution which can reduce the quality of the display
  1. Dell S Series S3219D

Dell S Series S3219D

If you are in search of a monitor that provides a large size screen and a stunning display then your choice should be the Dell S series, S3219D monitor. It is among the few monitors that provide a super large screen of 32 inches which makes it easy to view the screen from any angle. Whether you have to read PDF files or small text you will be able to do your work without any difficulty much more effectively.

Provide 2560X1440QHT resolution that is one of the striking features and the reason why you should buy this Dell S series monitor. It is also important to know that most of the HDMI ports do not support the 1440p resolution but they are limited to 1080p resolution monitors.

This Dell Monitor comes with comfort view technology that provides a blue light filter protecting your eyes from harmful blue light and producing eyestrain. The flicker-free technology reduces eye fatigue and headache to a great extent so that you can do your work for long hours without any difficulty. This monitor can also be wall-mounted.

The main disadvantage of getting this monitor is that it comes with a VA panel and doesn’t provide an IPS panel which is preferred by most of the users who have to read documents because the IPS panel ensures a high quality display with the best color accuracy.


  • It was a huge screen making it easier for the user to read any kind of document even if it comes in small text
  • This is among the few monitors for reading that also provide a high-quality built-in speaker so if you ever feel the need to read audiobooks you can easily do that without facing any audio problems
  • Because of the comfortview technology, you will never face any issues related to eyestrain which is one of the best features that this monitor provides its users so that they can easily do their work even if they have to use the monitor all day long
  • It provides decent quality brightness that can also be adjusted according to the user’s requirements


  • This monitor doesn’t come with a VA panel which has disappointing many users because most the professional workers prefer using a monitor that comes will be VA panel
  1. ASUS Designo MZ279HL

ASUS Designo MZ279HL

If you are in search of a monitor that is all that makes it easier for you to read documents and also do work related to designing then choose the ASUS Designo MZ279HL. It comes with the perfect design that can also be easily adjusted so that you can do your work without any difficulty.

It is among the few monitors that also provide height adjustment along with tilt adjustment to its users so that the monitor can be adjusted to the eye level.

The design is unique and the screen comes with ultrathin bezels that lead to providing wide viewing angles along with a full HD 1080p resolution display. It comes with a refresh rate of 75 Hz which is pretty amazing in terms of providing a distortion free display.

It makes it easier to scroll down the screen without any lag or screen freeze. The monitors provide HDMI and VGA ports so you don’t have to face any connectivity issues and connect multiple devices according to your needs. Therefore if you are someone who wants to save money but also enjoy the high quality performance for their work purposes then it is highly recommended to buy the ASUS Designo MZ279HL.


  • If you are in touch for a monitor that provides an ultra-thin and sleek design then this ASUS monitor is the best choice for you
  • It also comes with the best eye care technology so that you can easily read the document even if you are working during the night
  • Because of the ergonomic stand, the monitor can easily be adjusted in its height which is rare to find in most the monitors


  • It doesn’t provide full brightness because that it becomes difficult to work during the night or do any other type of activity on the device
  1. Philips 276E8VJSB

Philips 276E8VJSB

One of the best monitors for reading blueprints is the Phillips 2768E8VJSB. Because of its premium quality and unique features, you will see most architects, engineers, and designers use this monitor for their work purposes. It comes with a 3840 x 2160 screen resolution that provides a crystal clear display and vibrant visuals which makes it a lot easier to read the document.

It comes with large size 27 inches screen which provides Ultra Wide display making it the best choice for users who love working on large screen monitors because a large screen provides a better quality display. This monitor is also valuable and 34 inches but that model is expensive so if you have enough money then you should purchase a larger screen model.

It is among the few reading monitors that provide a curved screen that leads to the best viewing angles so that you can easily read from the screen even if you are sitting at a long distance from it. You will enjoy the equal display from all sides which is one of the main benefits of getting a curved screen monitor.

One of the main features that make this Phillips monitor stand out is its color accuracy and crystal clear display that supports 1.7 billion colors. You will hardly face any issues related to screen and pixel distortion and enjoy the rich colorful display.

However one of the major drawbacks of this monitor is that it does not provide a VESA mount which makes it hard the use the wall mount this monitor. Therefore the best thing to do is place the large screen monitor on the desk.


  • Because of the high quality performance, you will see most of the designers, engineers, and other professionals use this monitor for their work purposes
  • It provides excellent display leading to realistic visuals and the best color accuracy which makes it a lot more interesting to do your work and also use this monitor for entertainment purposes
  • It provides the best brightness which can also easily be adjusted according to the user’s requirements


  • This monitor is expensive and not suitable for those users who have a limited budget
  • It doesn’t provide VESA mount support so it means that the monitor cannot be wall mounted

Final words

Choosing a high-quality and best monitors for reading can be a very tough job but you can make things a lot easier for yourself if you save some time and go through this article because you will get the most valuable information out of it that will eventually help you find the most compatible monitor for reading documents.