Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking

If you play competitive FPS games like StarCraft II or League of Legends, you might have noticed that some players click at a much faster speed. This comes from the fact that they use butterfly-style mouse clicks (clicking down on the left button, then moving it to click the right button). Best mouse for butterfly clicking, If you want to achieve higher DPS or APM scores in these games, learning to play with this style of mouse-clicking will make all the difference!

But which mouse should you get? Don’t worry. We have done detailed research on the features of the best mouse for butterfly clicking and also picked some of the best ones available in the market.

What Is Butterfly Clicking?

Butterfly clicking, also known as reverse or alternate clicking, is a technique where you click the mouse button twice in rapid succession. Butterfly clicking originated as a workaround for people who have trouble using one side of their body (often due to injury) but still want to play games. By clicking with both hands at once, they can get the same kind of input that they need from only one hand.

There are many games where butterfly clicking is an essential skill because it lets players execute moves faster than using only one hand.

Features To Look In A Mouse For Butterfly Clicking

The best mouse for butterfly clicking can elevate your gaming experience by providing a greater sense of control and precision. Here are some features you should look for while looking for the best mouse for butterfly clicking:

Size – The size of the mouse is an important factor because the larger it is, the easier it will be to navigate on different surfaces.

DPI – DPI refers to Dots per Inch, and this number determines how sensitive your mouse is to movement. Choose a higher DPI so that even slight hand movements trigger commands in-game or in an application. Generally, most gamers play at around 1600-3600 DPI.

Tracking Speed – Tracking speed refers to the amount of distance travelled by the cursor from one point to another over a period of time. It is measured in inches per second also known as (IPS).

Weight – A heavier mouse tends to be better for keeping it from sliding around, but many people prefer lighter-weight mice for faster response time, which makes them ideal for shooting games with rapid reflexes.

Sensor Type – There are three main sensor types used in mice: optical sensors, laser sensors, and mechanical sensors. Optical mice use LEDs as light sources, while laser mice use infrared beams like those found in CD players/DVDs/etc.

Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking Recommendations

Finding the right mouse can be tough, especially if you’re looking specifically for one that’s good with butterfly-clicking. That is why we have searched, tried, and tested to find the best mouse for butterfly clicking for you. Three of our top picks are;


Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking

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– Razer Naga V2 Pro Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse – has 20 programmable buttons and a focus pro 30k optical sensor. It features a 30,000 DPI with a tracking speed of 750 IPS, an acceleration of 70G, and a switch life of up to 90 million clicks. It has onboard memory to save up to five customized profiles and a battery life of up to 150 hours on hyper-speed and 300 hours on Bluetooth.


Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking

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– ASUS ROG Chakram X Gaming Mouse – has 11 programmable buttons and ROG Aimpoint optical sensor. It features a 36,000 DPI, a tracking speed of 650 IPS, an acceleration of 50G, and a digital joystick. Its battery can last up to 150 hours and is a perfect suit for MOBA and MMO game types.


Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking

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– SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless Gaming Mouse – has 18 programmable buttons and TrueMove Air optical sensor. It features 18,000 DPI, a tracking speed of 400 IP, and an acceleration of 40G. Its battery can last up to 180 hours and is perfect for long gaming sessions.

They are the latest, most advanced, and best mouse for butterfly clicking from reliable manufacturers. You can check the price and choose any of them without any second thought.

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