Best Mouse For World Of Warcraft

It is not an easy task to choose a professional quality gaming mouse for playing World of Warcraft when there are so many options available in the market. The main objective of the user should be to point out their needs before getting a gaming mouse for themselves. This article is perfectly formulated for all the users who love playing games like World of Warcraft. It will provide you valuable information that will also help save your time regarding your research for choosing the best mouse for world of Warcraft.

How to choose the best mouse for wow?

Games like World of Warcraft require devices that will help provide the best features and combination of buttons making it easier for the user to play their game. The polling rate and DPI sensor are also very important to consider. It should also be comfortable and easy to use for the user.

Polling rate

The polling rate is the speed with which the mouse communicates with the PC. Therefore higher the polling rate the lower the time will be. So the best choice would be to go for a mouse that comes with the highest polling rate. It should also be available easily and suit your budget.

Most of the high end games require continuous button presses that might include delays. Therefore you should always choose a mouse that comes with a high polling rate and comfortable buttons.

Customization buttons

If you want to enjoy playing games like World of Warcraft then you should only choose a mouse that comes with the best customizable buttons. A good quality mouse comes with 12 programmable buttons. You must check the placement of buttons on the mouse. If the buttons are too closely placed then it will become hard for you to use them as you may end up clicking multiple buttons at the same time.

DPI and sensor

Most gamers go for a laser sensor because of its high precision but the user will experience extra jitters. However, when you choose an optical mouse you don’t go through these issues which makes it much more reliable for the user. Most people also find an optical sensor to be easy to use. You should look for a mouse that comes with a DPI resolution of 700DPI on the minimum for effective gaming.

Wireless or wired  mouse

The majority of the gamers go for a wireless mouse because it lacks the hardware and you can easily play your game without restricted to sitting in a particular place. It moves in any direction easily. However, a wired mouse comes with a faster response time compared to a wireless mouse.


It is very important to choose a mouse that provides the perfect grip to the users who like to do professional gaming every day. A mouse that comes with smooth curves and sides provides a better grip to the user preventing the mouse to slip out of the hand. If your palms sweat a lot then you should choose a mouse that comes with an abrasive surface.

Mapping software

Mapping software controls the function of each button on the mouse, DPI, and polling rate. You can easily switch between multiple profiles with the help of the mapping software. The main advantage of the mapping software and the extra buttons is that you can program combo moves during your game and switch between different gaming profiles easily.

Many mice come with mapping software to provide smooth gaming performance to the user. However, most of these mice are expensive.

Best Mouse For World Of Warcraft

Best mouse for World of Warcraft 2022

Following is a list of the best mouse for world of Warcraft 2022:

  1. Logitech G600

Best Gaming Mouse For WOW

If you are in search of a mouse that is specifically designed for MMO games then your choice should be the Logitech G600. This mouse comes with 12 programmable buttons and a unique third button present on the top surface. This mouse provides a perfect grip and doesn’t slip out of the hand. It is the perfect gaming mouse that you are looking for since it is heavy and most people prefer a heavy gaming mouse.

It provides the best thumb test but the palm rest is small and doesn’t fit the palm perfectly. This makes the wrist rest more on the mouse pad than the actual mouse. It comes with  a perfect grip because of the smooth contours of the mouse making it very comfortable for the user to use it for gaming purposes.

The buttons on this mouse are also very easy to press and provide a tactile response to the user. It comes with a G shift button that can be pressed with the thumb and doubles the number of functions for the user. It also comes with vibrant RGB lighting that can be set to any color. Most people prefer white color as it also makes it a lot more convenient to do gaming during the nighttime.

This mouse also comes with onboard memory which means that you can easily install a gaming profile on the mouse instead of installing software. It comes with a nicely braided cable that prevents any damage to it. However, the software on this mouse requires a lot of time to install and it is associated with lagging. This can take a lot of time for the user and end up frustrating them.


  • The Logitech G600 is a very comfortable mouse to use for people with large hands
  • It comes in the ideal weight that makes it a reliable gaming mouse
  • It comes with extra buttons that provide new features making it a lot more fun to play your favorite game
  • This mouse can easily be customized which is why the majority of the users have greatly enjoyed using this mouse


  • Some people do not like extra buttons on this mouse as the surface becomes crowded
  • This mouse is not suitable to use by people with small hands
  1. UtechSmart Venus

Best Mice for WoW

Another powerful mouse for playing World of Warcraft is the UtechSmart Venus. It comes with a DPI resolution of 16400. It makes it the most precise gaming mouse that is currently available with a polling rate of 1000Hz. It provides a lag free gaming experience to the users.

The reason why it is a favorable choice among users is that it is available in both wired and wireless versions. Most people prefer the wired MMO mouse because it provides more control. The ergonomics are perfect ensuring quick and responsive performance which is always required when you are gaming. It is an ideal feature for long gaming hours.

The braided cable makes this mouse a very durable choice for the user and protects it from external damage. It provides a perfect grip to medium sized hands. The thumb grip is also easily accessible and almost all the buttons are within reach on this mouse. You won’t have to readjust the thumb to access these buttons.

Another attractive feature of this mouse is its software that doesn’t require a lot of time for installation and also doesn’t cause any lagging. It can easily be adjusted and does its job well. The users have faced zero issues while using this mouse for different functions as it provides smooth performance.


  • This mouse comes in strong built and provides a comfortable design making it easier for the user to do their work
  • It provides plenty of programmable buttons leading to a variety of gaming features to access
  • The ergonomics is perfect in this device ensuring a fast and lag free performance


  • It is not suitable to be used by people with small or large hands
  • The LED lighting is also of poor wispy which needs improvements
  1. Razer Naga Chroma

Best World of Warcraft Mouse

If you are in search of a mouse that provides the best precision then your choice should be the Razer Naga Chroma. Most people like both the wired and wireless versions of this mouse as both of them are very comfortable and easy to use. It has a smooth texture which also makes the buttons soft and easy to press.

It comes with a 16000 DPI sensor that provides optimum precision ensuring smooth gameplay. It is built in such a way that it provides the best palm grip that prevents the mouse from slipping out of the hand. It comes with 19 programmable buttons which are all placed perfectly so that you can easily have access to all of them.

The sensitivity of this mouse is perfect and the ring finger rest also causes less fatigue when you are using the mouse for long hours. The RGB lighting is exceptionally good and the colors are easy to customize. Most people like to give different color to the scroll wheel compared to the rest of the buttons so then it becomes easier to use it. This mouse can be used for up to 20 hours on a single charge if you are using the wireless version.

However because of too many buttons more often it leads to double clicks which can easily frustrate the user and cause great inconvenience especially when you playing multiplayer gaming.


  • This mouse provides the best wired and wireless version
  • It provides greater precision because of 16000 DPI sensor
  • The RGB lighting is very easy to customize as the user can choose from 16.8 million customizable colors


  • The battery life of this mouse is short which needs to be prolonged
  1. Logitech G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse For WOW

If you are looking for a lightspeed wireless gaming mouse then your choice should be the Logitech G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse. This mouse is very versatile and provides multiple uses to the user making it more fun to play MMO games.

The Bluetooth connectivity is excellent and people have hardly faced any disconnections during gaming. This is what makes it a reliable choice for users. Because of its stroke performance, many people also use this mouse for graphic design and other types of work that require using heavy software. It comes with a single installed battery that also makes it a lightweight mouse for the users.

It becomes easy to carry around this mouse especially when you are traveling. It fits perfectly in the bag and also doesn’t occupy much space. The battery life is also long lasting on this mouse.

However, most professional gamers do not prefer a lightweight mouse for gaming. It also provides a cheap look to the device. Lightweight mice are usually only preferred by amateur gamers because they find it easy to handle and have a grip on.

The ergonomic is poorly build on this mouse and the thumb rest also protrudes from the side making it inconvenient to use this mouse. It gets annoying for long term purposes.

The software is very hard to understand and it also doesn’t notify the user on switching between different profiles. There is no lighting on the mouse that indicates that the profiles have been switched which is what makes it difficult to use this mouse for long term purposes.


  • The overall gaming performance is excellent and it doesn’t cause any lagging
  • It is a very lightweight gaming mouse making it more convenient for the user to carry it around if they travel a lot
  • It also provides reliable Bluetooth connectivity option and the user hardly faces any connectivity issues with this mouse


  • This mouse is not recommended for users who have small hands
  • The software takes too long to update and it doesn’t notify the user if they switch between profiles
  • Many users do not like the mouse being lightweight because it is not suitable for professional gamers

Final words

Searching for a professional and strong build gaming mouse for World of Warcraft can be a hard job if you have no previous experience of buying gaming mice. To avoid all this confusion and save your time this article has been formulated so that you will get access to the most trustworthy and widely used gaming mouse that will help you find the perfect fit for your needs.