Best Printers For Artists

Looking for the best printers for artists can be a very difficult task especially when you have no previous experience of doing so and it is your first time for purchasing such type of product. Being an artist you always require high quality and the best tools available so that you will be able to present your work most professionally.

These days you can create the most beautiful art through photography and later get it printed through a high-quality printer. Therefore it is highly recommended to read this article so that you get access to the most widely used and reliable printers suitable for artists and their work.

Best Printers For Artists

Best Printers For Artists 2022

Following is a list of the best printers for artists 2022:

  1. Canon Pixma Pro 100 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma Pro-100 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

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One of the most professional quality printers for artists is the Canon Pixma Pro 100 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer. The best thing about this printer is that it provides the clearest and high-quality prints that you dream of as an artist. It consists of an eight ink dye-based system that provides color variation to make your art look as realistic as possible.

This canon printer features the optimum image generating system which selects a section of the image and then chooses the best combination to provide realistic results. As an artist, you will be amazed by using this printer as it also provides different connectivity options which include Wi-Fi connectivity, USB connectivity port, and ethernet port making it the best photo printer that you must buy.

It comes with an air print function that allows the user to quickly print the photos and documents from the Apple devices without connecting to a computer making it easier for you to finish your work in much lesser time.


  • It provides the most realistic results making your work look high-quality and more professional
  • It comes with an eight ink dye based system that provides the best colored photos and you can easily get colored prints through this printer
  • It is an ideal choice for a graphic designer and professional artist who have to deal with colored prints every single day


  • Some users have found it difficult to use this printer because of its tricky control panel that makes it hard to access certain features easily
  1. HP Envy 5055

HP Envy 5055

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If you are in search of an all-in-one printer then your choice should be the HP envy 5055 printer. It will fulfill all your needs and provide you the best work satisfaction as an artist. You will be highly satisfied with the quality of your work which makes this printer an effective option for the users.

With the help of this printer, you can pretty much print any type of image from your device. Whether you are using a smartphone, computer, or tablet you will be able to transfer images to the printer easily.

This HP monitor printer comes with a smart app that allows the user to easily print and scan documents from their phone gallery camera. The benefit of using this smart app is that it allows you to print images, documents directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other social media application that you use.

Another great feature of this printer is that the user can easily print Images of various sizes is according to the requirements without any difficulty or size limit. The support team of HP is always active and if you ever faced any issues you can easily contact them 24 /7.


  • It is among the few printers that deliver high-resolution images to the users which is a very crucial factor for artists that determines the quality of the work
  • Because of high printing speed, you will be able to print hundreds of images in less time which makes this device very efficient


  • One of the major drawbacks of using this printer is that you will have to get an ink subscription to receive the ink refills
  1. Epson Expression ET-7750

Epson Expression ET-7750

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Another high-quality printer that has been tested multiple times for its durability and high-quality performance is the Epson Expression ET-7750. It is a perfect choice for those artists who have to print their artwork daily in bulk. This also leads to more ink usage but you must know that it is also saving a lot of money that you would have to pay if you purchase other printers.

This high-quality printer comes with five color refillable ink tank system that helps produce the most realistic and clear prints for your work. You will be truly amazed by the quality of the paint which will highly satisfy you as an artist.

Another exciting feature of this printer is that it provides extra 10 bottles of ink which are more than enough to be used for generating 3600 colored print. If you are an average user who doesn’t use a printer every single day then the inks will last for about two years or even longer than that.

The Epson Printer also comes with an SD card slot along with two USB ports and one ethernet port which provides multiple connectivity options to the user making it easier to connect different devices with the printer.


  • This printer provides great value and durable performance at a very affordable price
  • This is among the few printers that completely support photo printing papers that are 23 mm thick
  • When you purchase this printer you get extra 10 bottles of ink which is why most people preferred buying this printer because it provides more value to the users compared to using other printers


  • This printer is very heavy and occupies a large space on the desk as well so it won’t be easy for you to carry it around
  1. Epson SureColor P800 Inkjet Printer

Epson SureColor P800 Inkjet Printer

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Another premium quality printer that you should consider buying is the Epson SureColor P800 Inkjet Printer. It provides excellent print quality producing realistic results despite its low resolution. Most people do not prefer buying a lower resolution because they think that it doesn’t provide the best quality prints. However, upon testing this printer many people were shaken at how amazing the results turned out to be.

The reason why the prints turned out to be so good is that this printer comes with an advanced micro piezo AMC print head. This is the secret behind those realistic prints that you get to see by using this printer.

Therefore if you are someone who is looking for a printer to be a long-term investment then you should purchase this Epson SureColor P800 Inkjet Printer as it will provide you with the most reliable performance.

One of the major drawbacks of purchasing this printer is that it is very expensive and most people aren’t able to afford it easily which is why you will see a very limited number of artists who use this monitor and most of them are very professional artists.


  • It produces the best Monochrome art as it comes with three level black ink modes
  • It is highly compatible with all types of software and applications
  • This printer comes with ultra chrome HD and technology that provides long lasting results on the print


  • It is a very expensive printer and not suitable for those users who have a very restricted budget

Factors every artist should keep in mind while buying a printer for artists

If you are an artist that it is very important to keep the following factors in mind because it will help you find the most perfect printer for your work requirement.

Types of printers

It is important to know different types of printers and the specific uses for using the most perfect monitor printer for your work requirements.

Laser printers

A laser printer is a type of printer that uses toner that quickly bonds the ink to the paper providing the most effective and fastest results. This type of printer is more suitable for those users who have to deal with office work and regular printing. It is a printer that doesn’t provide color variation so it isn’t flexible and comes with low running costs.

Inkjet printer

Another important type of printer is the inkjet printer that uses an ink cartridge applied on wet paper that dries super fast. The most common inkjet printers are the color inkjet printer that provides a variety of function. The newer models of inkjet printers are more durable and provide better performance than the laser printers but the cartridges are less durable and not preferred by most of the artist.

All in one printer

Another decent option for artists and graphic designers is the multifunctional printer or all-in-one printer that provides different services which include printing, scanning, or fax. This is a much cheaper option and preferred by most of the artist for their work purposes.

Photo printer

The most perfect and the best quality printer for the artists is the photo printer. There is no better option than a photo printer for an artist if they want to present their work in the most professional quality without any errors. It provides the best print quality compared to other types of printers which is why it is highly recommended to buy a photo printer for yourself.

Speed of the printer

Another important thing to consider in a printer is its speed which is measured as pages per minute PPM. Different printers come with different speeds. The standard speed of a black and white art printer is about 15 to 20 pages while that of a color printer is 10 to 15 pages. If you have to deal with lots of photo prints every single day then you should choose a printer that comes with a fast printing speed.


Another important feature to look for is resolution dpi. DPI stands for dots per inch which means the number of dots that a printer can make on a square inch of paper. If you are looking for the best art printer then you should make sure that it comes with high resolution to produce the most excellent results. However, the newest printers come with software that provides the resolution without changing the dpi.

Connectivity options

It is very important to check that the printer you are getting provides multiple connectivity options so that you can easily connect other devices with the printer for your work purposes. A decent quality printer comes with at least Wi-Fi connectivity and a USB port. If it doesn’t provide or two then it means that you should avoid buying such type of printer.

USB ports are very common on my printers and allow the user to attach different hard drives and devices with them. You will be able to print directly from your device without any assistance from the computer.

However, it is important to note that most printers only support the USB type A connection which can get pretty annoying. If you want to get a printer that provides a wired Internet connection then make sure that it comes with an Ethernet port. This feature is ideal for work related to studios, offices and not for home use.

WiFi connectivity

A high-quality printer always comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity option so that you can easily connect the printer to a device that comes with Wi-Fi compatibility. This is a very important feature if you want to send your artwork from your phone directly to the printer without using any other computer or device. This allows you to do your work in less time providing professional results.

Final words

When it comes to purchasing the best printer for artists it is important to keep your needs in priority and then select the type of print that fulfills your work requirements perfectly. By going through this article you will be able to gather the most valuable information so that you can easily choose the most suitable printer for yourself.