Best Printers For Brochures

If you run your own business then it is very important for you to advertise your product or services which is crucial if you want to expand your business and make meaningful connections with your customers.

Most businesses fail because they do not opt for the most effective ways of advertising their services which is why they are not able to reach as many customers making it hard for them to increase the sales of their company.

One of the most effective ways to which you can promote your business and its services is through brochures and business cards. Therefore it is highly recommended to read this article so that not only you will be able to access the best quality printers for business purposes but also you will end up purchasing the most suitable printer for your requirements.

Important factors to look for while buying a printer for brochures

Buying a high-quality printer for the brochures is a very important task and one should keep themselves familiar with all the important features that must be present in a high-quality printer for brochures.


When you are buying a printer it is not the wisest decision to always look for the most expensive printer because being expensive doesn’t mean that it will always provide high-quality performance. Many printers are expensive but as far as the performance is concerned it is average and user ends up wasting their money.

Connectivity options

Another very important feature to look for in the printer is its connectivity options. The best decision to make is to choose our printer is that it provides Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a USB connectivity option so that you can easily connect other devices for work purposes. The more connectivity options you get from the printer the easier it will be for you to get your work done. Wireless printing is very helpful as it allows you to connect your laptop or other devices to the printer using your Wi-Fi connection.

Paper type

It is very important to determine the type of paper you will need to print high-quality images and premium papers for your business. So if you are planning to print a CV then you should choose a high-quality paper so that the CV looks more presentable. However, if you have to print black-and-white documents then you can use basic paper for it.

Photo printing is another important component that is excessively done for business purposes. If you have to do photo printing then you will require glossy photo paper. If you want to achieve high-quality service you will have to invest in the best quality printer that will help you receive professional results for more creative projects.


The size of the printer is very important to look for while buying a printer. If you want a printer for home use then you should go for a more lightweight printer. The best thing to do is get a printer that comes in a more compact size because it will not be that heavy and you can easily place it in your office as well as it won’t occupy much space.


One of the main reasons why you should invest in a high-quality printer is that it will help your business or brand to stand out. Getting a printer with high resolution will produce vivid images ideal for brochures and provide better prints for business cards as well.

Best Printers For Brochures

Best Printers For Brochures 2022

Following is a list of the best printers for brochures 2022:

  1. HP OfficeJet Pro Premier

HP OfficeJet Pro Premier

One of the most premium quality printers for brochures is the HP OfficeJet Pro Premier. This is the most suitable inkjet printer for business cards and brochures as it will completely fulfill your requirements and expectations.

The best thing about this printer is that you will be able to create designs in any size you want from 3X5 inches to 13 X 19 inches. This means that you can easily expand the size of the business card depending on how you want to advertise your brand and make it as diverse as you want to.

Another great thing about this printer is the compact size which makes it easier for you to place it anywhere you want to. This is what makes it a suitable choice for both office and home usage. You can print stickers and labels of your choice in any size you want.

The main reason why you should purchase this printer is that it gets your job done in much less time so even if you do not connect a computer with this printer you will still be able to get the work done pretty easily which is rare to find in most of the printers.

This is why it is considered a very crucial investment for those people who are running small businesses and want to expand their brand. Not only that you will get print quality images and business cards through this printer but also you will be able to get plenty of work done in less time.


  • It provides fast printing speed which helps you get your work done in much less a time with great efficiency
  • Whether you want to connect the printer with the computer or not you will still be able to print realistic images and other labels that are a requirement for modern business
  • It provides USB 2.0 connectivity if you want to connect a printer with the computer or laptop


  • The wireless connections are very unstable on this printer which leads to continuous disconnection
  1. Brother MFC L8900CDW

Brother MFC L8900CDW

If you are in search of the best laser printer that can provide you reliable performance for making business cards and other materials for advertisement purposes then your choice should be the brother MFCL8900CDW printer.

It comes with a fast printing speed of 33 cars per minute which provides you with exceptional quality performance so that you can get more work done in less time. Even if you have no help for yourself and running a small business you can pretty much do most of the work on your own if you have good quality devices like the brother MFC printer.

Whether you want to do work at home or use this printer for office purposes you will be greatly relieved and amazed by the quality of work that it provides this is why it is considered as an ideal long-term investment for users.

When you print documents they will be stored in the iCloud through the 2.7 inches colored screen of the printer that will control all the process. Even if you do not connect your computer with a printer you will still be able to print documents or files directly from your phone gallery.


  • This printer is an ideal choice for those users who like to do mobile device printing without attaching a computer to the printer
  • It comes with a fast printing speed so that the user can easily print as many documents or business cards as they want for their brand


  • It is difficult to set up the printer and takes a lot of time
  1. Epson SureColor SC-P800

Epson SureColor SC-P800

If you are in search of a printer for more professional work that is very suited for artists, photographers, and small business owners then your choice should be the Epson sure color SCP800 printer. This printer is widely used for producing real images and business cards since it comes with HD ink cartridges that deliver vivid colors.

You will be able to print on the smallest paper sizes but also the details are very prominent and make that product of advertisement look super high-quality and attractive. You can also use this printer to print large banners because of the paper roll dome that this printer features. It also provides decent connectivity options so that you can easily connect the phone or any other electronic device with the printer.

It also provides a decent touchscreen which is very easy to use for most people who do not prefer using a button system. But it is important to keep in mind that this printer will occupy a lot of space on the table so if you have very limited space in the room then you need to spare a separate room for doing your work using this printer.

However, the major drawback of getting this printer is that it is very expensive so if you are someone who has a very limited budget and you will not be able to purchase it. Apart from the price it provides a wide range of features that leads to professional quality results so if you are willing to buy our expensive printer then you should go for the Epson SureColor SC-P800.


  • If you want to produce a large print and banner stand this printer is a great choice for you as it will allow you to do your work without any problem
  • The details of the prints produced by this printer are amazing which leads to vivid colors and realistic results
  • It is a heavy printer that occupies a lot of space and not suitable for Home usage


  • That is not the fastest printer and its printing speed is also pretty moderate
  1. Canon PIXMA TR4520

Canon PIXMA TR4520

One of the best printers that provide a trustworthy wireless connection is the Canon PIXMA TR4520. It produces the most high-quality prints and all you have to do is connect your printer with the laptop to the wireless connection or your mobile phone. Using the Canon print app you will be able to do all the tasks including printing, scanning, and copying within no time.

One of the most unique features of this printer is the IFTTT support that allows the user to connect the printer with different website applications. This will allow you to directly access information from the site.

Now if you select a particular picture or image from the site that you want to print you can easily do that without any restrictions. It also provides a sinking feature for social media.


  • This device is highly compatible with the Canon printer app so that you can easily print high-quality images
  • It comes with a banking system that provides the best photo printing service and leaves sharp colors on printed images


  • This printer doesn’t come with a scanner
  1. Magicard Enduro3e

Magicard Enduro3e

Another highly complex inkjet printer is the Magicard Enduro3e. It provides all the features that you require to get your job done in the best way possible. Whether you want to use a printer for normal usage or more professional work you will be amazed by how excellent the printed label, images, and cards will be. It can print up to 300 PVC cards which is why it is considered the most ideal printer for creating professional business cards by using the trust ID design software.

To make your cards fully secure this printer comes with Magicard Holokote Visual security feature. This leaves a permanent watermark on both sides of the card. You will also be able to customize different designs on the card depending on your choice.

Therefore if you are looking for an easy to use and high-quality printer for creating a business cards then choose the Magicard Enduro3e printer.


  • This is one of the most ideal printers for professional business use
  • It is very easy to use and allows the user to get the work done pretty quickly through the predefined card template


  • The color ribbon is limited to 150 double sided card

Final words

Choosing a high-quality printer is essential for ensuring professional quality images, business cards, and brochures for your brand or service. Not only that it will be able to attract customers to your business or product but also you will see a massive increase in the overall sales of the company. Therefore it is highly recommended to read this article because you will surely find it very beneficial for yourself.