Best Smartwatch For Athletes

Smartwatches are very popular among athletes because of their amazing benefits and the unique features that they provide making it far more interesting to do physical activities. A casual athlete requires a good GPS navigation system so that they can easily track the running path and get as much information about it.

When there are so many options available in the market it sometimes gets hard to choose the best smartwatch for your requirements which is why it is highly recommended to read this article because not only that you will get the most valuable and helpful information but also you will end up finding the most perfect smartwatch for your needs but also suits your budget perfectly.

Best Smartwatch For Athletes

Best smartwatch for athletes 2022

Following is a list of the best smartwatch for athletes 2022:

  1. Coros Vertix

Coros Vertix

If you are a professional athlete then the best quality smartwatch that you should purchase for yourself is the Coros Vertix Smartwatch. If you spend most of your time doing running or enjoy going hiking then this watch is a great choice for you.

It will customize your workout details to provide you the best data for your daily workouts that will also help keep you motivated. One of the best features of the smartwatch is its long lasting battery life over the last 42 weeks including 60 hours of GPS usage. This is why you can easily wear the smartwatch every single day and enjoy using it without worrying about charging the device.

This watch was specifically designed to withstand all types of weather conditions and environment so this is the main reason why you will see most trainers, hikers, and other professional athletes wear this smartwatch because it is more reliable and less vulnerable to external damage.

It is compatible with all the smartphone applications so you can stay in touch with your friends and family no matter where you go. You will be notified of all the calls, texts, and socials.


  • The smart which provides a long lasting battery life so that you don’t have to worry about recharging your smartwatch every single day
  • It consists of all the premium features which would make it a lot more fun to do your daily physical activities all work out as you will be provided comprehensive detail of your health and daily physical movement
  • It is compatible with all smartphone applications and you will be notified of all the calls, texts, and other messages that you receive from your socials
  1. Garmin Fenix 6 series

Garmin Fenix 6 series

Another ideal choice for competitive athletes is the Garmin Fenix 6 series. It is one of the best sport watches that you’ll ever come across in the market providing you all the advanced sport tracking features that are rare to find in most smartwatches for athletes.

It provides extensive customization options that provide you can create complete information about your sport that you take part in and your daily physical activities. It doesn’t provide a touchscreen so it can be hard for some athletes to access different features on the smartwatch if they are used to using smartwatches that come with a touchscreen.

However, most professional athletes do not prefer a touchscreen because it is not ideal to use in extreme conditions especially when you are all sweaty or wearing some type of gloves. It comes with a traditional five-button control system that provides you access to all the options and the GPS navigation on this watch.

One of the most attractive features of the smartwatch is that it comes with solar charging capacity so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery as it will always be backed up by solar charging that leads to longer battery life.

If you spend most of your time outdoors in the sun then your watch will be charging all the time side-by-side. The smartwatch is connected with all the android and iOS smartphones and it’s compatible with all these applications. Therefore it is highly recommended to buy this high-quality smartwatch only if you do not have a limited budget because it is expensive and will charge a lot of money.


  • The smartwatch comes with a solar charging that leads to longer battery life and the watch will charge on its own if you spend most of your time outdoors
  • It provides the best sleep tracking feature that analyzes your daily sleep schedule and pattern leading to comfortable night sleep
  • This smartwatch is highly compatible with all android and iOS smartphones so you can easily use any application of your choice


  • It is an expensive smartwatch and not a suitable choice for those users who have a very limited budget
  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Another high-quality smartwatch for athletes is the Samsung galaxy watch which provides highly reliable and durable performance. It provides a long lasting battery life that lasts up to four days on a single charge. However, it is not that long lasting compared to other athlete watches that last a lot longer than that but compared to its affordable price it is still a decent battery life.

It comes with a wireless charger that is more convenient to use and provides fast charging facility without slowing down the overall function of the smartwatch. The smartwatch is available in three different colors and two sizes which provides a great variety to choose from.

It is also highly compatible with android and iOS smartphones through the Bluetooth connection which is highly reliable and the user hardly faces any disconnections.

It also provides better bad quality and durability which makes it a perfect choice for athletes as it comes with a more masculine look compared to other watches.

Most people prefer wearing this watch in black band because it provides a more expensive and aesthetically pleasing look to it. It is one of the most comfortable what is to wear that doesn’t cause any wrist fatigue or skin rashes.


  • It provides a decent battery life that lasts up to four days and comes with a wireless fast charging facility that doesn’t slow down the overall function of the smart watch
  • It provides a very comfortable set to the users and comes in a very durable build quality making it an ideal investment for the athletes


  • On the smartwatch, the user won’t be able to access Google Maps, WhatsApp, and Facebook messenger which are the main socials that most people use
  1. Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945

Another highly durable smartwatch for athletes is the Garmin forerunner 945 smartwatches. It provides a decent design that is neither too simple nor too extreme in terms of aesthetics. It is a thin black watch made mostly of silicone and plastic to keep it light weight and easy to wear for the user. The best feature of the smartwatches that it comes backlight so that they use and can easily use the smartwatch even during the nighttime when the overall light in the environment is low.

This watch doesn’t come with a touchscreen and provides a five button design system which makes it easier to operate especially when you are on the run or doing any physical exercise. It is compatible with both android and iOS applications that you can easily install and download.

In the newer model of the smartwatch, the user will be able to enjoy listening to the favorite music in the offline version as well which means that you don’t always need to be connected to the Internet.

The battery life on the newer model has been improved and increased by 36 hours of usage especially when you’re using the GPS without music for track purposes. It is an expensive watch but provides all the important features that an athlete looks for in a watch along with its super classy look. Therefore if budget is not an issue then you should prefer buying this smartwatch.


  • It is an ideal watch for those users who love listening to music while they work out because it provides an off-line music feature
  • The overall look of this watch is super classy and attractive which fulfills the aesthetic requirements of the user


  • This watch is very expensive and most people aren’t able to afford it

Important features to look for in a smartwatch for athletes

Before you purchase a smartwatch for athletes it is very important to make sure that the product you want to buy comes with the following features so that you will be able to enjoy all the high-quality features.

GPS navigation

One of the most important features to look for in a smartwatch for athletes is GPS navigation. With the help of GPS navigation not only that you will be able to do your daily physical activities with ease but if you are someone who likes to do running on specific tracks then you will be able to do that easily with the help of a GPS navigation system and tracking services on the smartwatch.

A professional quality smartwatch would always have a GPS navigation system in synchronization with a satellite system so that you don’t face any issues tracking the location that you want to reach while running.


Another very important component to check in the smartwatch is its affordability. Many high-quality and professional smartwatches currently exist but not all of them are affordable which can be a big issue for those users who have a limited budget.

Therefore whenever you select a smartwatch you must make sure that it’s within your budget. On the other hand if you are someone who doesn’t have a restricted budget and you can easily purchase any smart what you want but make sure that it provides all the features that you will require as an athlete.


Another very important feature to look for in the smart watch is its design. Some of the smart watches come in a button system whereas others provide a touchscreen which is easier to use but if you are wearing gloves or your palms are sweaty then it will be hard to use the touchscreen which can get annoying. Therefore it depends upon the one individual needs that they prefer the button system or like the touchscreen more.

Battery life

One of the most important features to look for in the smartwatch is its battery life. Make sure that the smartwatch you are getting comes with a long lasting battery life so that you don’t have to charge it over and over again.

Most of the high-quality smartwatches provide a battery life the last up to 45 days at a minimum. However, if you do not have a limited budget then you should always go for the smartwatch providing the longest battery life as there are professional quality smartwatches that also provide solar charging so whenever you go out with your smartwatch in the sun your smartwatch will charge on its own.

Health tracker

As an athlete, you will be engaged in physical activities most of the time which is why it is very important for you to select a smartwatch that provides you complete information about your health for example it should come with the best heart rate tracker so that you can always monitor your heart rate and oxygen level which is crucial if you plan to hike to high altitude. Having a smartwatch that comes with the best health tracker also keeps you fit by providing you information about your daily calorie intake and level of physical activity.

Final words

If you want to save your time and purchase best smartwatch for athletes then it is highly recommended to go through this article before spending any money. You will thank yourself later for sparing some time to read this article and ending up buying the most perfect smartwatch for your needs. Most of the readers have found this article to be of great benefit and you will find it helpful as well.