Best Tablet For Annotating PDFs

Tablets are becoming indispensable tools for everyday life. They can also be used to annotate PDFs, making them easier to read. However, not all tablets are created equal when it comes to this task. Some tablets simply come with annotation capabilities built-in whereas others need user installed apps in order to annotate pdfs.

Therefore, which is the best tablet for annotating pdfs?

It all depends on a person’s needs and preferences. This tablet buying guide will help you choose the best tablet for pdf annotation.

The best tablet for annotating pdfs should be one that came with built-in annotation capabilities. The reason is because it doesn’t require any additional downloads or installations. So, if you want the tablet to work as soon as possible and out of the box, then buy a tablet that comes with built in annotation capabilities.

However, if a pdf annotation app is already installed on the tablet that you want to buy then go for it. It will save you some time and can still annotate pdfs without any problems or issues. The advantage of having an app already installed is that it has been tested and probably optimized for the device which means faster processing speed as well as better quality text notes. Also, apps such as Adobe Reader might contain more features than those tablets’ built in annotation capabilities like the ability to change colors or type size, etc. Here’s a list of tablets with pdf annotation capabilities:

Best Tablet For Annotating PDFs 2022

Best Tablet For Annotating PDFs

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 features a 9.7-inch super AMOLED touchscreen display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The tablet has an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera for taking photos or recording videos. Its dimensions are 237.3 x 169 x 5.6 mm and weight is only 389g – making it very light and easy to hold in your hand as you annotate pdfs on the go, especially if you have small hands like me!

It also comes with a fingerprint sensor which is great for added security when locking down your files with a password or PIN number. You can annotate pdfs on this tablet with apps such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Drive, or Dropbox. On the other hand, if your company’s IT department restricts you from using third party apps and only allows you to use certain apps for annotation capabilities, then this tablet may not be for you as it doesn’t come with any built in annotation capabilities.

Also, if you’re looking for a bigger screen (size-wise) then this tablet might not be the best choice because of its 9.7″ display whereas some other tablets such as Lenovo Yoga Book offer 10.1″ or even 11″ screens. However, if you like smaller devices and don’t mind the 9-10 inch screen size, then this tablet is definitely worth considering!


  • Built-in app support.
  • perfect for those who want a smaller tablet.


  • None.

2. Asus ZenPad C 7.0 (Z170CG)

The Asus ZenPad C 7.0 is a very affordable option for those looking to annotate pdfs on the go. This Android Lollipop 5.1-powered tablet features an Intel Atom x3-C3200 quad core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage which can be expanded to 32GB via a microSD card slot that supports up to 128GB cards. It also comes with a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front facing camera for video chats or taking selfies – although I would recommend going for a higher resolution front facing camera you want better quality selfies/video chats.

The tablet comes preinstalled with the Polaris Office app which is great for pdf annotation as you can annotate, highlight, underline, blur out text, insert comments/notes/stickers on your pdfs to make them easier to read or follow along while reading documents. Also, you can sync all of your annotations into Google Drive or Dropbox so that it’ll be accessible on any other devices you might have which is great if you’re someone who prefers using multiple platforms at once (eg. PC > Android device > laptop). The only downside I would say about this tablet is its smaller 7″ screen size – might be too small for some users looking for an easier/better view of their files. But if you don’t mind a 7″ screen size then this tablet is definitely worth considering – especially if you’re on a budget.


  • Free cloud storage for 2 years.
  • Camera with flash for taking notes/annotations in the dark settings.
  • Perfectly compact with dimensions of 203 x 134 x 9.5 mm and weighing only 265g.


  • Screen isn’t as bright as some other tablets.

3. Lenovo Yoga Book

The Lenovo Yoga Book launched early September 2016 and has received positive reviews so far from those who have purchased it. Here’s an excerpt from CNET’s review , “It’s not just that the Lenovo Yoga Book can work as a laptop, with its clever Halo keyboard and capacitive touchpad. It’s that this Android tablet can replace your paper notepad, using its Real Pen stylus to write on paper placed over the keyboard — and instantly transform it into digital text.”

There are two models available for purchase: one with an Intel Atom x5-Z8550 processor (4GB of RAM) and one with an Intel Atom x5-Z8550 (2GB of RAM). Also, there isn’t much internal storage space included in this device – only 64GB but it does come with a microSD card slot which allows you to expand its storage up to 128GB. Additionally, the device also comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS out of the box which is great because most android devices nowadays still come with Lollipop or Kitkat.

The tablet does have a 10.1″ display which might be too small for some users looking for an easier/better view of their files but it is still much bigger than the screen size on both the Asus Zenpad C 7.0 and iPad Mini 4 . One downside about this device would be its battery life – only lasting up to 10 hours, 7 hours if you’re planning to use the Halo keyboard. Some other tablets are able to stay charged up to 12-15 hours before needing another charge which can be inconvenient if you don’t have access to a power outlet throughout your day. However, it does come with fast charging technology so in about 15 minutes, you can get 2 hours of continuous use which is great when you’re in a rush.


  • Stylus included to take notes or make annotations on pdfs via handwriting.
  • Mobile device capabilities (can easily switch between laptop/tablet mode).
  • 10.1″ display with 1920 x 1200 resolution for viewing HD videos and images.


  • Battery life isn’t as long as some other tablets in the market.
  • Small 64GB internal storage space ( can be expanded by 32GB but not enough for many users ).

4. Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-04G

This brand new tablet that is scheduled for launch this year (March 2016) and will be featuring an Intel Atom x5-Z8500 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage space + microSD slot, 8MP rear camera and 3.9MP front camera. The main advantage about this device would be its 10″ display with 2560 x 1600 resolution, only second to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4’s 2736 x 1824 screen display which makes it easier to view HD images and videos without any distortions in clarity.

The Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-04G also comes with a stylus pen included so you can take notes or make annotations on pdfs via handwriting. However, if you’re looking for a tablet with Android OS then this device isn’t for you since it comes with Windows 10 instead.


  • 10″ screen display is great for viewing HD images/videos without any distortions in clarity.
  • Stylus pen included so you can take notes or make annotations on pdfs via handwriting.
  • Perfectly compact with dimensions of 210 x 134 x 7mm and weighing only 290g.


  • Lackluster battery life – lasts up to 6-7 hours when fully charged.
  • Screen resolution not as high as other competing tablets (2560 x 1600).

5. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft’s latest model has been highly praised by many users who have deemed this device as the best tablet/laptop on the market. It comes with a 12.3″ screen and 2736 x 1824 resolution which is way better than its previous models and even the Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-04G . Also, it comes packed with an Intel m5-6Y54 processor (4GB of RAM) making it much faster at processing tasks and applications. Other features include: 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera , up to 256 GB storage (128 for lower end models), 8 hour battery life and weighs only 786g.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been ranked #1 in CNET’s list of best Windows tablets on the market because it does pack some power considering that it’s not even a laptop.


  • Powerful Intel m5-6Y54 processor (4GB of RAM) for faster processing speeds.
  • Great 12.3″ screen with 2736 x 1824 resolution making it easier to view HD images/videos without any distortions in clarity.
  • Up to 256 GB storage (128 for lower end models), 8 hour battery life and weighs only 786g.


  • Price is more expensive.
  • If you plan to use it without the keyboard, then its battery life will decrease by 6 hours (4 hours if you’re planning to use the Halo keyboard).

6. Designo Series MZ27AQ

Compared with other tablets on the market, this Asus device packs a lot of punch for relatively lower price. The screen is 27″ with 2560 x 1440 resolution which makes images/videos easier to view. It also comes with an Intel Core i7-4702HQ processor, 16GB of RAM and various configurations from 500GB HDD + SSD up to 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD . On top of that, it includes a bunch of ASUS features such as: SonicMaster audio technology, Eye-care monitor to reduce blue light emissions, ASUS Splendid video enhancement technology, ASUS Tru2Life Video for clearer image quality and ASUS Game Live streaming features.

The drawback is that it’s not running Windows OS but instead comes with Asus’ own Zen user interface (based on Android) which might not be the best choice if you’re looking for a tablet with its main purpose being pdf annotating. However, if you don’t mind the relatively smaller screen size of this device then this might be right up your alley since it excels in many other areas such as speed and design.


  • Great 27″ screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution making images/videos easier to view.
  • Intel Core i7-4702HQ processor for faster processing speeds.
  • 8GB of RAM, various storage options and ASUS features included.


  • No Windows OS.
  • Relatively smaller screen compared to other tablets on the market (27″ compared to 10″).


In conclusion, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is ranked as the best tablet for annotating pdfs on this list since it has a 12.3″, 2736 x 1824 resolution and Intel m5-6Y54 processor making it great at processing tasks and displaying HD images/videos.

However, if price is not an issue then we recommend getting either Google Pixel C or Asus Designo Series MZ27AQ . The main reason being that they both come with large screens (10″ & 27″), Android OS and powerful specs such as: Nvidia Tegra X1 CPU , 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space .

If you’re looking for something cheaper, then we recommend buying Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-04G or Wacom Cintiq 13HD . Both have great screen size (13″ & 13.3″) and high resolution (1920 x 1080) but are not ideal for editing videos or images since they don’t come with powerful specs like the others mentioned above.