Best Tablets For GPS Navigation

Best Tablets For GPS Navigation: With each passing day, there is an increasing demand for tablets in the market because of their amazing benefits that help make our lives much easier. Tablets are far better than mobile phones and they have changed our lives for the better.

A high quality tablet with GPS navigation provides great usage for the user when they are traveling. Not only that they will be able to reach their destination on time but also the GPS navigation will guide them through the smallest and the quicker route safely.

In this article, the user will be provided with a list of the best GPS navigation tablets for the year 2021.

All the tables that are mentioned in this list have been tested multiple times to ensure that the user only gets access to the most reliable and widely used devices. You will come across many tablets in the market but only a few of them provide multiple navigation options. Many users buy android tablets because they come with cellular GPS navigation.

What to look for in a tablet for GPS navigation?

Before you make a purchase it is important to make sure that the tablet you are getting provides you with the following features:

Screen size

It is very important to consider the screen size of the tablet because it will help you do your tasks easily on the device. The user should always go for a tablet that comes with a screen size between 7 to 9  inches in full HD quality. Most people prefer using the 9 inches screen size. It provides decent image quality.

Most of the tablets provide an LCD. Some users prefer the AMOLED display that comes with thin screens. These screens make it easy to read even in the daylight.

WiFi and cellular connectivity

Another important feature to consider is WiFi and Cellular Connectivity. You shouldn’t choose a device that doesn’t provide any operator network. With the help of an LTE tablet, you will be able to buy a SIM card which will make it easy for the user to remain connected to the WiFi. For using GPS navigation the user must have a good WiFi connection to access this service. In cellular devices, the GPS navigation is independent of the SIM card.


People often get confused between these two whether they should go with the GPS or choose the A-GPS. A GPS provides you with a calculated distance of the desired destination whereas an A-GPS provides a faster download once you connect it to the WiFi. The user cannot access A-GPS without the internet. Therefore you will require a stable WiFi connection to access these services properly.

Battery life

Battery life is a major component of the majority of tablets. Without a long lasting battery life, the user will find it hard to do their work. You must choose a device that provides a battery capacity between 5000 mAh to 9000 mAh. The ideal battery life is 10 hours for a tablet for GPS navigation.

Best Tablets For GPS Navigation

Best Tablets For GPS Navigation 2022

Following is a list of the best tablets for GPS navigation 2022:

  1. Google Nexus 9

Google Nexus 9

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The Google Nexus is considered the best tablet for GPS navigation. This device not only provides a smooth performance but also is very affordable for most users. It provides an 8.9 inches display. This LCD screen comes with a pixel resolution of 2048 x 1536. This helps you use the GPS and successfully navigate even if you are driving in the daylight. It comes with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

This device comes with a super fast processor providing 16 GB of internal storage. It comes with 2 GB RAM. The camera quality is also pretty decent. This device provides an 8 megapixels rare and 1.6 megapixel front camera. This leads to a decent photography experience to the user. The Google Nexus tablet comes with a 32 GB storage option with LTE support.

As far as the design is concerned this device looks more like a modern day tablet with its metallic frame that provides it a unique look. However, the entire body of this tablet is not surrounded by metal. It also provides a strong grip. The Google nexus base 0.94 pounds which makes it very easy to carry it around especially when you have to travel frequently. It is lighter than most tablets.

One of the main reasons why you should buy this tablet is that it doesn’t leave any fingerprints on the surface. This means that you won’t have to worry about all the unwanted fingerprints that might get on this device because it is very easy to clean and looks elegant and neat.

The storage on this device can be expanded with the help of micro SD card. GPS navigation becomes a lot easier on this device because it comes with all the necessary features that are required to ensure a smooth performance.


  • This tablet provides high-quality audio because of strong built in speakers that make it a perfect choice for GPS navigation and other fun tasks
  • The storage on this device can be updated easily through the microSD card
  • It provides the best GPS navigation service so that you can reach your destinations on time


  • This tablet is expensive compared to the previous model of the nexus tablet
  • Display quality needs to be improved for better performance so that you will greatly enjoy watching your favorite movies in the free time
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab E lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab E lite

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If you are a Samsung user and you should buy the Samsung galaxy tab E lite because this device is an ideal choice for GPS navigation because its high-quality performance and premium specs are the proof of it. Firstly, it is powered by android 4.4 and ensures a lag free performance to the user.

However, the display on this device is not impressive. It’s linked with decent quality images on the screen. It comes with a 7 inches display with 1024 at 600 resolution which is not ideal enough to ensure a display to the heater. The storage is also not sufficient as it is only 8 GB and 6 GB of RAM. But it is important to note that the storage can be upgraded with the help of a micro SD card up to 32 GB.

This device ensures a decent performance because of its dual core processor. It is sufficient for everyday usage but not if you want to do heavy gaming.


  • This Samsung tablet provides reliable performance for GPS navigation
  • It provides a decent number of connectivity ports


  • The display quality is very average which needs an upgrade
  • If you like playing games then you should avoid using this device
  1. Dragon Touch NotePad K10

Dragon Touch NotePad K10

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The dragon Touch NotePad K10 is a very budget friendly device currently available in the market. It provides the best GPS navigation that also comes with A-GPS. One of the most noticeable features of this device is that it comes with a smooth performance because of the Quad Core processor. It provides a clock speed of 2.4GHz.

The dual band WiFi connectivity also works great on this device. The user hardly faces any type of disconnection issues. There are other types of networks that can also be connected to this tablet easily.

It provides 128GB storage along with a micro SD card. This device is a great investment for those users who like luxurious tablets that also provide high-quality performance on a budget. Because of its IPS HD display, it becomes a lot more fun to play your favorite games and access your favorite applications on this device. This budget friendly tablet is an ideal choice but some users do not prefer the 10 inches HD screen.

The sound quality is also good because of the dual speakers. The battery life lasts up to six hours which is sufficient for GPS navigation but not ideal for using heavy applications or for work purposes. Therefore if you are someone who has a limited budget then you should prefer buying the dragon Touch NotePad K10.


  • It is one of the few devices that provides the strongest Wi-Fi connectivity options to its users
  • It is very affordable and easily available so that most of the users purchase this device without running out of budget


  • This tablet provides low battery life that limits the work performance
  • The 10.1 inches screen is not ideal for GPS navigation according to most the users
  1. TomTom Rider 550

TomTom Rider 550

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This tablet is one of the most popular devices for GPS Navigation available online. Firstly it is waterproof and provides increased protection to the device. It is because this device comes with IPX7 technology that greatly helps protect the tablet against any  wet environment. So you don’t have to worry even if it’s raining outside and you have to carry around this tablet with you.

The 16GB storage is not the ideal feature on this device but it is sufficient for GPS navigation. This device is also very easy to use and most of the features are easily accessible which makes the entire process less complicated for the user.

This tablet provides some of the best maps and navigation software that not only helps you reach your destination easily but also you will be able to schedule, choose the safest route and connect your smartphone with this tablet as well.


  • This device provides the best navigation system allowing the user to access high end and secure navigation service
  • The performance is very smooth which allows the user to do their work with ease
  • The GPS navigation allows the user to connect with other devices as well including your smartphone


  • The storage is not sufficient for doing intensive work or heavy gaming
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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If you are looking for the best android tablet for GPS navigation then you must use the Samsung galaxy tab A. It comes with a screen size ranging from 7 to 10.5 inches both of which come with stable WiFi and LTE connectivity. The design of this model has been upgraded compared to the predecessor.

This tablet weighs 12.65 ounces and is one of the most lightweight devices currently available. Its frame is made up of plastic. It looks more solid and highly recommended for those users who have kids at home and want increased protection for their device. On the right side of the tablet, you will find the volume control and power button to  provide ideal performance. This device comes with 32 GB storage which can be upgraded up to 400 GB with the help of a microSD card.

It consists of a USB type C charging port at the bottom along with the built in speakers. It comes with a QUALCOMM snapdragon 425 processor with a clock speed of 1.4 GHz. This device is an ideal choice for multitasking as well because of its fast performance. None of the users have encountered any issues using this device for running heavy applications and software’s. It comes with 5 megapixels front and 8 megapixels rear camera.


  • Work becomes a lot more fun on this device because of the smooth performance
  • It provides upgradable storage because of Micro SD card
  • The user will get access to all the applications on the Google Play store


  • The camera quality is cheap and disappointing for most the buyers who like doing photography
  • Many users have found this tablet to be overpriced and it falls out of their budget

Final words

GPS navigation not only makes it easier for you to reach your destinations but also you will greatly enjoy the ride as well. To make this happen you must select best tablets for GPS navigation and to save your time it is recommended to go through this article so that you get nothing less than the most high-quality tablets for GPS navigation.