Can Earbuds Damage Your Ears?

Can Earbuds Damage Your Ears

In this day and age, almost every other person uses earbuds for either entertainment purposes or professional reasons. But prolonged use of earphones can cause ear damage that should be prevented at all costs. By reading this article you will get enough information that will provide you with which you can prevent earbuds from causing damage to your ears.

If you like to listen to music at high-volume then chances are you are at a greater risk of hearing loss. Earbuds can cause damage to your hearing especially if you are listening to loud music for a long period of time. It can only voice in your hearing and cause greater damage to it. 

Therefore the best thing to do is not listen to loud music for an extended period of time because it is a bit safe for your hearing.

Who suffers from hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a very common issue these days because you see almost every other child, teen, or adult suffering from it. The most common reason is that most teens like to listen to loud music because it is more entertaining for them. Most teens listen to loud music for several hours which is not recommended by global public health.

Listening to loud music is also a form of self care for some individuals but they fail to understand the potential damage it causes to one’s hearing capability. More than 50 percent of people age between 12 to 35 suffer from hearing loss.

Do earbuds lead to ringing ears?

Yes, earbuds can lead to ringing ears if your ears are exposed to loud music for an extended period of time. This mostly happens when you are attending a music concert, sport event, watching a movie at the cinema, or listening to loud music for a long time continuously.

Since hearing loss isn’t associated with pain most people do not take it seriously. Some of the signs of ringing ears are:

  • Distortion of sound
  • Buzzing ears
  • Muffing sound

Use earbuds properly for preventing hearing loss

If you use earbuds and listen to music at a high volume for an extended period of time then it can cause great damage to your ears. If the damage isn’t controlled then it can lead to permanent hearing loss which is something that you shouldn’t look for in the long run.

There is a certain way of wearing earbuds so that hearing loss can be prevented. By going through the following tips you will be able to reduce hearing loss drastically.

Use headphones moderately

The very first thing that you should do is make sure that you are only using the headphones for a short period. Make sure that the volume of the music is moderate level and doesn’t exceed the limit.

Therefore if you are someone who uses earbuds every single day try using them for a limited time throughout the day. You should only use earbuds for 60 minutes on a max continuously.

The audio volume should also be set to 60% when you are listening to music or playing your favorite game.

Try using the headphones instead of the earbuds

If you can buy headphones then it is highly recommended to purchase the headphones and wear them instead of the earbuds. Using headphones is a lot safer than wearing earbuds. The reason is that the earbuds make the sound more concentrated which can cause great side effects to the person’s hearing.

Therefore you must prefer buying a pair of headphones that come with a decent noise cancellation feature. This will keep your ears safe and allow you to listen to your favorite music for long hours.

Prefer listening to music in a quiet environment

When you are listening to music in a quiet environment it can also protect your ears from hearing loss as there will be no outside disturbance. Make sure that the room you are sitting in also provides you decent noise isolation.

Purchase retro headphones

If it’s possible for you to purchase retro headphones instead of earbuds then you should do that because they provide better sound quality at a decent volume level which also protects your ears from hearing loss. This old school headphone is considered far better than modern earbuds.

Attach external speakers to your device

Attaching external speakers to your device also improves the sound quality and prevents hearing loss in individuals. External speakers are still considered a far better option than using earbuds. They are safer to use and provide a modern look to the user as well.

Therefore purchasing personal speakers is an ideal choice for listening to high quality music or watching your favorite movie in better sound quality.

Wear hearing protection

There are many offering types of hearing protection that is currently available in the market that you can purchase. Not only that they provide the best noise isolation to the user but also prevent further damage to their ears if you are someone who likes to listen to music at a high volume.

You can purchase ear muffs or wear earplugs that have foam inside. It provides great protection and is easy to use.

Be aware of the warning signs of hearing loss

Another important thing that you should look for is the warning signs of hearing loss. One of the most common signs is that the individual finds it difficult to sit in a noisy environment. It can also lead to the ringing of the ears that is one of the most common early signs of hearing loss.

Get your ears checked

No matter how many precautions you take if you ever notice a sign of hearing loss you must prefer seeking professional help so that the problem can be reduced on its own. Therefore if you notice a change in your hearing you should go to a doctor.

Final words

If you are someone who is facing hearing problems because of using earbuds then reading this article will give you enough information to help prevent it.