What Motherboard Slot Has Direct Access To The North Bridge?

What Motherboard Slot Has Direct Access To The North Bridge

Most people are curious to know what motherboard slot has direct access to the Northbridge. A typical motherboard has two chips which are Northbridge and the Southbridge both of which  are connected to different parts of the motherboard. The CPU is connected to the Northbridge and it also connects RAM, AGP card, and FSB. The Northbridge is also slightly connected to the southbridge which controls the remaining part of the CPU.

Therefore whenever you are buying a PC it is very important to be aware of all the important components of a motherboard so you will understand better how a motherboard performs its function.

What is a ZIF socket?

ZIF stands for zero insertion force. The socket accepts PGA chips. This socket is very easy to use as you won’t have to apply any extra force by inserting the PGA ships. When you have a ZIF socket you don’t have to worry about causing any damage to the motherboard by applying extra pressure because it is very easy to insert the chip. It is better to use because it doesn’t cause any damage to the motherboard.

To successfully use the ZIF socket the chip is inserted into the hole which keeps it secure and fixes in its place. This is why most people have greatly benefited from using a ZIF socket.

NorthBridge Motherboard

The Northbridge chipset is connected to the CPU and its other components. It is also connected to Southbridge for better processing and optimum performance of your PC. The Northbridge works as a memory controller and it controls the AMD processors that are mostly available in Intel computers. One of the main benefits of this motherboard is that it greatly reduces lag from the chip so that the user gets to enjoy the super fast performance.

  1. Simple design

This motherboard comes in a very simple design which is easy to use because it consists of very few components. All of this collectively reduces the cost of this motherboard which is why most people can purchase it easily. Its performance is impressive and it controls the functions of the CPU.

  1. Memory controller

In most Intel computers, the Northbridge chip works as a memory controller so that the computer that performs heavy tasks can easily do its job without any lag. In AMD processing units most of the functions of the Northbridge are within the CPU. The Northbridge is a fast bridge located on top of the CPU which is linked to performing fast functions.

Which motherboard slot should a person install?

Many people get confused when it comes to installing a motherboard slot because it becomes difficult to choose between the two options. If you have to deal with high end graphics then go with the motherboard that comes with an AGP slot because it will be able to support your work easily. On the other hand, if you have to do normal work then you should buy a motherboard that comes with a PCL slot.

Type of socket that is used

If you want a socket that doesn’t require too much work for its installation then you should go for the ZIF socket which is mostly used by Intel computers. The best part about the socket is that it comes with a lever that has an opening and closing the socket to successfully secured the chip.

The most advanced ZIF socket that is currently used is Socket 7 which is mostly used in the Pentium Chips. The socket is suitable for a specific site type of CPU. It is mostly found in more expensive computers but that doesn’t mean that you should step out of your budget and purchase a very expensive PC.

Most of the small pockets are used interesting chips and microcontroller. Other large electronics usually have large sockets and ZIF sockets that are placed on top of the motherboard. That ZIF tape is also used for connecting PATA and SATA to this drive. All hard drives are connected to the circuit board which consists of the ZIF tape. This type of socket is also found in the iPod circuit boards.

PCL Express bus connections

PCL Expression has serial bus connections that are faster compared to parallel bus connections. It uses RS-232, UNI/O,12C, and 1-Wire. The two components of a PC can either be parallel or serial. Therefore it is not right to consider that all computers have the same links or connections. A parallel bus connection transmits multiple streams of data through different channels such as optical fiber or wire. Whereas a serial bus connection only transmits a single stream of data.

What is a PCle Slot?

The PCle slot is used in updated computers because it supports high-speed connections. It is connected to the CPU through the Northbridge and is most commonly found in Mac computers. The main purpose of this slot is to connect the storage devices and graphics card of the computer.

How to choose the best motherboard for your computer

The choice for a motherboard depends upon what type of work you want to do on your computer. Most of the people who have to do heavy tasks usually go for Northbridge because it is more suitable for intense performance as it doesn’t cause any lag even if you use the computer throughout the day.

On the other hand, if you do not have to do lots of work on the computer every single day then you should get a Southbridge motherboard. Both of these motherboards work perfectly fine and the user hardly faces any problem in the performance of their computer. Therefore it is very important to have a thorough understanding of different types of motherboards.

Final words

This article will provide you enough valuable information to have a better understanding of Northbridge and SouthBridge motherboards and their connections. After knowing which motherboard has direct access to the Northbridge you will be able to identify different components of the motherboard with ease.