Why is a Motherboard Important?

Why is a Motherboard Important

Why is a motherboard important?

The motherboard is a very important part of the computer and plays a crucial role in ensuring excellent performance without any lag. In the earlier days, computers didn’t have a motherboard and they consisted of backplanes. But in the present era, all the computers come with the motherboard either pre installed or the user has to get them installed later. A motherboard is a building block of a computer. It is also known as the body of the computer.

This is why it is very important to read this article because it will provide you all the valuable information that you need in order to understand the importance of the motherboard and its crucial role in ensuring excellent performance while you are doing your work.

What is a motherboard?

A motherboard is like the body of the computer and it plays its role as a circuit board. It is a specialized circuit board that consists of multiple I/O slots with different controllers. The circuit boards present on top of the motherboard are known as daughter boards. With the help of a motherboard, you will be able to customize the setup of your computer.

All the important components of the computer are attached to the motherboard. Its circuit is designed to perform all the important functions accurately without causing any error.

Another important feature of the motherboard is that it facilitates communication between the other companies of computer and processor. The main component of the controllers is the CPU which in turn is responsible for the accurate performance of the computer and also handles the graphics processing. The CPU usually has a built in graphics card that handles the graphics so that if your work is related to drawing and video editing then you will be able to do that in the best quality display. If the CPU doesn’t have a graphics card then the display quality will be very average.

Networking components of the motherboard

The motherboard also provides a networking component for both wireless and wired connections. It provides SATA  and PCIe expansion. PCIe provides increased transfer speed and bandwidth with makes it an ideal choice for high-quality graphics.

Performance of the motherboard

The performance is almost similar among all types of motherboards with slight variation. It also depends upon the configuration of the motherboard and the components that are attached to it. Another important factor is the working conditions. If you are working in an environment that is super hot then most likely you won’t be able to enjoy high quality performance because your motherboard will heat up and it can lead to slow performance.

Importance of Motherboard

There are many important reasons which make motherboard a very important component of the computer which is mentioned as follows:

  1. Handles various tasks easily

The motherboard consists of a very important component which is known as the system clock. It ensures that the other components are synchronized on the motherboard and that they do their work when it is required. This prevents unnecessary signals and keeps synchronization among different tasks on the motherboard. These components can only work when the system clock is high and when the system clock is low they stopped working. This change occurs multiple times in a second so it goes unnoticed.

  1. Connects other components

Another important function of the motherboard is that it successfully connect all the other components of the computer. Whether the components are small or large they will be connected to ensure the successful performance of the processor. It also provides complete access to all the resources of the computer when they are needed.

Apart from external components, the motherboard itself consists of various components such as the buses that carry signals from one controller to the other several controllers like Northbridge and Southbridge

  1. BIOS chip

The motherboard also consists of a BIOS chip that performs all the important tasks and controls the settings of the computer. It is impossible to start the computer without the BIOS chip. It is the first program accessed by the processor when you start the computer. Its main function is to manage the flow of data from the keyboard, mouse, and the other input sources and the output like the monitor.

  1. Controls the hardware

The motherboard carefully controls the hardware expansion. This capacity varies among different motherboards which mean that you should not expect that every motherboard comes with the same hardware extension capability. When you buy a large motherboard you will get multiple expansion slots and on the other hand, if your motherboard is small in size then it will come with very few expansion slots.

If you want to connect external storage devices and external hardware like a mouse and keyboard then you will also get external ports for connecting these devices. All these devices are then controlled by the motherboard so that it can also have control over hardware expansion.

  1. Connects components to the power supply

Since the motherboard is the main contact point for all the components of the computer so it also controls the main power supply connections that are provided to the other components of the computer. The connectors for the power supply are present on the motherboard which supplies power to the CPU, RAM, Northbridge, Southbridge, chips, and other controllers.

However, if your computer has large companies like the Hard Disk Drive, graphics card then they will require a separate power supply. Motherboard supplies power to the input and output ports.

  1. CMOS battery

CMOS battery maintains the configuration of the system even if the computer is switched off. It keeps the CMOS chip in its place. The motherboard controls its battery. This helps keep the clock running even if the computer is turned off.

Final words

The motherboard is a very important component of the computer without which you will not be able to use the computer effectively. It connects different components of the computer and promotes communication between them. This article will provide you enough information which will help convince you why the motherboard is an important component of the computer.